In what may be the funniest line from 2012, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is now saying he hired Antoine Thompson to his new $79,000/yr position because of Thompson’s “terrific writing skills.” Don’t blame me. I voted for Mickey Paladino in 2009.

This is the same Thompson known for sending out taxpayer funded mailings with ridiculous amounts of misspellings and grammatical errors. (And this in the age of spellcheck.) A great writer? Man, Mayor Urkel will say anything when he gets cornered. I’m calling on Thompson to release the verbal section of his SATs. I got $10 that says he spelled his name incorrectly.

Hopefully, this sham of a job hiring will go before the Buffalo Common Council for approval. Then, each district can hold their representative accountable for supporting this total farce. I’m expecting a 1PM press conference tomorrow from Abbott Road Councilman Chris Scanlon denouncing this move. The job was never advertised and Thompson’s hiring is a slap in the face to all the hard working taxpayers of Buffalo. Byron Brown is a complete joke. The emptiest of the empty suits.