by Pat Freeman


The Buffalo Bills are nearing one of their most underachieving seasons in recent history, and if our owner really wants to turn this sinking ship around he would make three very strategic organizational changes.

The first change is to fire Chan Gailey as head coach of this team immediately following the season final. The reason for this is his record just speaks for itself. In three years he has amassed an awful record of just of just 15 wins and 31 losses overall. The team has made significant improvements in personnel but it has not transpired to wins on the field. The other significant failure of Chan Gailey lies in the AFC East division where his record is just 3 wins and 13 losses. Marv Levy use to tell us that you must first win your division in order to move forward. The Bills under Chan Gailey have finished either last or second to last during his tenure in Buffalo . You can’t think about becoming a competitive football team in the NFL with a below .500 winning percentage in your own division.


The second change is to fire Buddy Nix as General Manager of the team after he fires the coach he hired Chan Gailey. First let me say this about Buddy Nix I believe he is a top grade evaluator of talent in the NFL. Where I think he is absolutely below average is in the draft room, and board set up for the draft. I’m sorry but the decision making in the Bills draft room the last three years has been absolutely off the mark. Well let me list just few names that should back up my point on the decision making of Buddy Nix in the draft room.  There were 23 quarterbacks selected since Buddy Nix was hired as General Manager of the Buffalo Bills in 2010.  The following quarterbacks that I list were passed on by Buddy Nix and are now starting or making major contributions in the NFL.


1. Christian Ponder- Minnesota Vikings
2. Jake Locker- Tennessee Titans
3. Kirk Cousins- Washington Redskins
4. Brandon Weeden- Cleveland Browns
5.Colin Kaepernick- San Francisco Forty- Niners
6. Andy Dalton- Cincinnati Bengals




7. Russell Wilson- Seattle Seahawks


Six starting quarterbacks from these lists were passed over by Buddy Nix and this team desperately needed a quarterback since he got here.


The third and final change is to fire Russ Brandon who I think has represented the epitome of NFL greed. He has continued to insist on the renovation of Ralph Wilson stadium despite having one of the best opportunities in the country to build a state of the art that would put western New York on the short list for a Super Bowl and improve the economic landscape of our area for years to come. This type of arrogance towards helping to improve our region by itself is proof enough to me that he has no business being the Chairman and CEO of our beloved Buffalo Bills.

When the Greater Buffalo Sports and Entertainment Complex first introduced their plan at the common council of the city of Buffalo Russ Brandon was quoted as saying this is a non starter. Yes the Ceo of The Buffalo Bills has no interest in helping to revive the economy of western New York . This within itself should have him run out of the NFL because the basic understanding that I have from the NFL is that it partners with its communities to help those communities thrive, and reap the benefits of having an NFL franchise. This decision by itself along with the fact that during his tenure the Bills have failed to make the playoffs for thirteen straight seasons, which is the longest playoff drought in the league.


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