Not sure what to think about the mass shootings going on. I know I’ll lose some 2nd Amendment loving friends on this, but I think some form of gun control is inevitable.

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. However, the events in Connecticut and Rochester, New York this past week underscore the fact that too many of the wrong people possess weapons in this country. The NRA’s call to arm more people (including teachers) is not the answer. Can you imagine your 5th grade teacher in possession of a firearm? If we brought guns into our schools, how long would it be before we had our first accidental shooting? “Oh, sorry about that Mr. Lunch Deliveryman. I thought you were an antisocial personality entering our school. I didn’t mean to blow your head off.”

There’s no doubt about it. We live in a culture of violence here in America. I don’t blame video games or movies. People all over the world watch the same movies and play the same video games we do. It is internal. The people committing these heinous crimes are at the extreme end of this mentality.

Although not a hunter, I’m not against hunters legally possessing hunting rifles (although I think the animals should be given them as well). George Carlin said , “Hunting is the only sport where one side doesn’t even know they’re in the game.” I believe there should be a ban on assault weapons. I believe we need to look more closely at the way we treat the mentally ill. Finally, I believe we need to take a serious look at ourselves and ask why so many people in this country possess this rage.

OK. This might be the most poorly written post of the last three years, but what do you expect? It’s 5:29 in the morning and I’m at the end of a very long shift. Peace.