by Alberta Parish

On Friday morning, December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza, 20, shot his mother in their home. Then, drove her car to the school where she worked as a teacher and shot 27 people. News reports of a second gunman were reported by several media sources. But there’s not a second suspect in custody at this time. Early reports claim that police were searching for a second gunman. If there is a second gunman, then more lives may be in danger. Former classmates of the shooter claim that Adam Lanza was socially awkward and very reclusive in high school. According to ABC News, neighbors who knew the shooter and his family also claimed that Lanza had a personality disorder. Other sources claim that Lanza suffered from mental illness and has since he was a child. According to the Washington Post, a former neighbor described Adam as a really rambunctious kid also stating that he was on medication. In addition, a family member stated that Adam had a form of autism. One neighbor of the Lanza family said that Adam had problems as a kid stating that he would have tantrums and “they were much more than the average kid had”, according to a CNN report. Late Friday night, a prayer vigil was conducted for the shooting victims at a Catholic Church where members of the community and religious leaders made their speeches and gave the usual excuses for why these horrific events occur.


There was one priest who made a comment on national television stating that there’s a lot more bright stars up there tonight, because of those kids. The priest’s comment was in reference to the 20 children who were shot and killed at the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school. I thought this was the most unsympathetic and tasteless comment anybody could make. If I was the parent of any one of those victims, the last thing I want to hear is somebody telling me that there’s a lot more bright stars up there tonight as if it is okay that my child was gunned down because now he’s in some magical land called Heaven. I wouldn’t want any child of mine to be murdered and have that horrific experience as the last thing on his mind right before he dies. I guarantee that most people sitting in that church are so braindead until the asinine comments made by religious leaders at that prayer vigil went right over their heads. They always have to explain away these horrific events, especially when they involve the mass murder of children by spewing the usual religious propaganda. Some priest or pastor makes an appearance on CNN, Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC and other news outlets, and tells the public that we can’t always understand why these things happen and that those victims are in a better place. Bullshit! God is no more real than Santa Claus. The community that Adam Lanza was raised in seems like a very deeply religious community. It is common knowledge that most people who commit the most horrific crimes have deep religious roots. Religion does not make you a better person. In fact, religion makes you more dysfunctional than anything. Religion also adds more problems for people with pre-existing mental illnesses. Religion turns you into a brainwashed individual; one who is easily controlled and manipulated. This is why governments will always use religion to control you.


Whenever there are mass murders, religious propagandists are utilized by the mainstream media to pep-talk the nation and to explain to the children that their buddies are in the magical land called Heaven and they are safe from bad people. The truth is America is not a safe place to live just like the rest of the world. The United States love to project this clean image of a so-called godly nation and claim that America has been blessed. But is America truly blessed? Every day, Americans go about their daily lives where they don’t have to worry about a bomb dropping on their homes and killing their children. So they’re not too concerned when children in other countries are being blown to pieces by rockets, because of America’s foreign policies and covert operations involving CIA operatives who stir up unrest in other countries in order to demobilize foreign governments. Every day, Americans turn a blind eye to U.S. policies that make war upon other countries and cost hundreds of thousands of civilian lives. Do you honestly believe America is a so-called godly nation? Or does America’s god condone the kind of violence we see happening around the world? As a former religious person who had studied the bible for many years, the biblical god is nothing more than a sadomasochist. The god of the Old Testament ordered the Hebrew Israelites to commit mass murder, theft, and rape against other groups. The Old Testament god was such an asshole until they had to invent another god to replace him. The new Greco-Roman god that was invented by the Romans was Jesus. Most Americans go about their daily lives not giving a damn about anybody except their loved ones. And now, they want to pray and call upon some mythological character that they’ve never seen. They have to brainwash the nation’s children with this bullshit, because the children will start asking questions about the very existence of any god.


Children should never be exposed to religion or taught to rely on imaginary deities for comfort and support. Everybody needs to understand that the world is fucked up, because human beings are controlling it. There is no god in control of anything. To give a false presentation involving imaginary deities and tell children that these so-called deities are in control of their lives is similar to child abuse. Brainwashing children to believe they have a personal relationship with an imaginary deity is mind control programming. There is also a clinical term for this sort of behavior. It is called hallucination. Delusions of grandeur in which a person believes the audible voice of a god is speaking directly with him or to him assuring him that he was sent by a god because he was chosen for a special mission and has a special purpose is called paranoid schizophrenia. There are millions of people currently suffering from mental illness called religion. Religion traumatizes children, because it teaches all the things that the school system and the government claims they don’t want children learning to practice such as discrimination, racism, sexism, male chauvinism and violence. I think religious leaders are the biggest hypocrites. Religion has been unsuccessful in controlling human nature, and the biblical god hasn’t saved anyone. Praying to your imaginary friends is a waste of time and energy. Your time and energy would be better served outlawing religion.


bullet columnist Alberta Parish is best known as a take-no-prisoners Youtube commentator, you can also follow her writings on Freedom TribuneMyspace and Twitter.