Aaron: Dolphins, 26-17- I'm usually not for rooting against the Bills in hopes of a higher draft pick, but enough is enough. I'm sick of them selecting tenth nearly every year. I also would not be upset if they won, but honestly, what are the chances of that happening? There will be no squishing of the fish this week.

Brandon: Dolphins 34, Bills 13- I'm not predicting a blowout because I think it'll happen. In fact, if I were a bettin' man, I may just take the Bills with that spread. Rather, I'm sitting here with my fingers crossed wishing for a blowout, that way we might get to see a head or two start rolling. After all, all I asked for Christmas was a new head coach. And a quarterback. And maybe another linebacker or two. That way maybe I can ask for a Super Bowl before I'm 40.

Alex: 28-27 Dolphins- Game is lost because Gailey calls for Fitz to attempt a drop kick rather than Lindell kick the PAT.

Chris: 24-13, Bills- You might be better off just re-reading predictions from the last few games. I'm fairly certain this will almost be a carbon copy of what I had written previously. After 14 games, things are crystal clear with this crew; the quarterback is below average, the coach won't fully utilize his best player and if the defense is playing well they will dominate. The Bills are currently in a tie with a number of teams stuck at 5-9. However, they hold the eighth pick in the draft and I bet they find a way to screw things up and sink outside the top 10. A win this week would get things started. I'll take the Bills simply because they were so effective in snuffing out the Phins last time..effective in snuffing out the Phins last time and #becauseitsbuffalo.

Michael Necci:Miami 14 Buffalo 9 — Merry Christmas.

Fake Darcy: Bills plane lands Saturday where it will be 75 degrees and slightly cloudy with a breeze. That's my prediction.

Joe:19-16, Miami- I think these guys have given up. I think they like Chan because he's helped a lot of them to get contract extensions (Fitz/Stevie) and all, so, it's not about quitting on their coaches, but quitting on themselves. I've checked out of this season and God knows if I were on the field with this team, I'd have the Uhaul already waiting for me. The last game wasn't nearly as close as the score indicated, but the Bills are still a bad team and I just don't have confidence they can beat another bad team. Yes, I don't care and neither should you at this point.

Frank: Buffalo,17-16-  I feel like an idiot for it, but something tells me that these guys want to actually try this week to save their coach. Jerks.

Mike Tracz: Bills 17, Dolphins 10 – It surprised me to learn that, despite the feeling that the Dolphins have somehow out-terribled the Bills this year, Miami is actually still alive in the playoff hunt.  See what defeating teams with winning records (Seattle, Cincinnati) every now and again can do for you?  The Fish still need major help from both the Bengals and Steelers to make it to the dance, so I suspect that this game will amount to nothing more than draft day positioning – which, of course, means it's time for the Bills' patented late-season charge to the middle of the first round by winning out.  14th or bust!