Hat maker for Boardwalk Empire, Gary "White" Witkowski, takes us through the process of creating a vintage hat like those used on the famed HBO series. White is one of North American's premiere custom hat makers who is frequently call upon by Hollywood for his old world craftsmanship. Over the next few weeks, I'll share the progress being made on a custom hat being crafted by the Polonia District's own Gary Witkowski. Taking shape is a hat based on a model that he recently designed for the HBO series, Boardwalk Empire. There's a wonderful Buffalo connection to the hit HBO Prohibition era drama Boardwalk Empire. Located on Broadway, not far from Buffalo Central Terminal, you'll find The Custom Hatter….the home to one of the LAST custom hat craftsmen in the world. Over the past 25 years, Polonia District native Gary Witkowski (White) has outfitted Hollywood superstars like Harrison Ford, Leonardo DiCaprio, Warren Beatty, Val Kilmer and Kurt Russell. You have seen his work in such blockbusters as Dick Tracy, Batman, Batman Returns, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Tombstone, Untouchables, The Blues Brothers II. His most recent Hollywood commission has been a series of gangster era hats for Steve Buscemi and other cast members of Boardwalk Empire. For more info: www.custom-hatter.com. Shop is located at The Custom Hatter, 1318 Broadway Street, Buffalo, NY, 14212.

Source: From Broadway to the Boardwalk: Custom Hat Making in Buffalo, New York (Youtube).