This will be the last Q&A ever!! I promise. I gotta get back to writing. Anyways, the Bills have a new coordinator and I wanted to pick the brain of Jets writer Daniel Krieg from to see what the deal was with Mike Pettine. Enjoy and tell a friend.

1) Can you desrcibe the pros/cons of the Jets' defense?

The Jets defense was pretty solid overall. Its weakness was not in its formation or deployment, but rather in its slow, unathletic linebackers that could not get to the quarterback when they blitzed, and could not cover tight ends on pass plays. The secondary was one of the best in the league even without Revis, and the d-line improved as the year went along.

2) How much did Rex Ryan got involved in the defense and what Pettine's role was?

Rex was highly involved in the defense, so much so that he took playcalling duties away from Pettine during the season. This in part caused Pettine to turn down a contract extension, and then become Manish Mehta's "anonymous source." When things didn't go his way he tried to sabotage the organization. That's what guys from Philly are like, though.

3) The Bills are better suited for a 4-3 defense, yet, you guys ran a 3-4, do you think Pettine can coach a 4-3? Also, did the Jets run a legit 3-4 or was it more or less a hybrid.

The Jets ran a 3-4 but they were constantly changing looks. I'm not honestly sure if Pettine can run a 4-3, but even if he sticks with the 3-4, it's not your traditional 3-4 by any means.

4) What would you say that the Bills would need personnel wise to make Pettine's defense work?

The Bills need to have speed on the edges and most importantly cornerbacks who are great in coverage. That's why the Jets defense is so good: Revis and Cromartie can single-cover guys when the linebackers blitz. Also, a monster, run-stuffing nose tackle will help, especially if he runs the 3-4.

5) Is there anything you can tell me about Pettine that Bills' fans don't know? Personality?

As I said in my earlier response, Pettine seemed like a massive dick, and when Rex overruled him on playcalling, he began trashing the organization, quarterback, and head coach, and wasn't man enough to put his name on it. He seemed pretty aloof in Hard Knocks, too. I always felt Rex was masterminding the D and Pettine was a puppet. So yeah, I never liked him. (Take my opinion with a grain of salt—I don't trust people from Philadelphia.)