I feel so dirty posting so many Q&As. Not only does it make my life easy because I just send out a bunch of lame ass questions, but I don't even know if it is important to conduct one about Hackett, especially since Marrone will have a large say in the offense. However, the readers love reading about this stuff and I can't help it.

Plus, I'm sick of hearing people who have never watched a Cuse game, tell me he's a rising star because one of his boys liked him and he's young. I'm going to the horse's mouth. So, we are joined by Sean Keeley from SB Nation's Syracuse site to talk about Hackett's time in Syracuse.

1) How heavily involved was Hackett in game planning?

As far as we understand it, he called the plays for Syracuse as of the last two years. I'm sure Marrone had a ton of input into the offense, the players and the system but it came down to Hackett to execute. After a rough go of it last year, they seemed to put all of the pieces together in 2012.

2) What is the type of offense he would run?

Probably the offense he had at Syracuse this year. A smart quarterback who can make plays and control the system. A bevy of receiving threats with a focus on short passes and wearing down the secondary. And top it off with a dependable running attack that can consistently convert third downs and be there out of the backfield for passes.

3) Obviously, with the Bills taking your HC and OC, can you see a circumstance were Nassib could be drafted by them? In other words, do they seem smitten by the kid?

I would have to imagine that the Bills' second round pick is basically earmarked for Nassib right now. I mean, if Marrone and Hackett don't take Nassib, what does that say? Ryan Nassib was an unknown quantity with little expectation when Marrone took over in 2009. He installed him as a starter immediately and, if not for Greg Paulus, would have started four years at Syracuse. By senior year, he became a record-breaking quarterback who will be remembered alongside Donovan McNabb, Don McPherson and Marvin Graves and he did all of it in Marrone & Hackett's system. Could do worse than keeping that trio together.

4) Is there anything you can tell me about Hacket that most Bills' fans wouldn't know about?

I don't mean to alarm you, but pretty much every Syracuse fan disliked his play calling up until about October 2012. Last year was a disaster with the Orange becoming very predictable and very boring. I don't know what happened between 2011 and 2012 but he figured things out and realized how to best utilize the tools at his disposal.

5) The Bills best WR is Stevie Johnson. He's a great route runner, but lacks blazing speed. How do you see a guy with his traits fitting in with Hackett's offense.

Sounds like he could fill the role that Alec Lemon had this season. The Syracuse senior broke school's all-time reception record and probably would have broken the single-season record if he hadn't been injured at the start of the year. So…that's good.