Twitter is an interesting tool. If used properly it can be a great new gathering source for a sports fan, politics fanatic or someone who just wants to keep up with the Kardashians. As someone who is immersed in sports, I happen to use Twitter to not only connect with fans but to keep up with breaking news.

During games Twitter is always a great barometer for how fans feel (track a Bills or Sabres follow list for evidence) along with a haven for those breaking down the game as it occurs. Bills fans have even spawned their own little group called the #BillsMafia that grew from the Stevie Johnson “why God” tweet and has now become a banner for certain fans to rally behind on the social media service. In fact, many players use the hashtag as well.

No matter what you feel about the #BillsMafia, it has become kind of fun to use the hashtag #BerlsMerfia as a way to joke about the consistent #becauseitsbuffalo ways of the city’s beleaguered football franchise. However, there is no such group for the Sabres. But this may be a good thing.

I think the #BillsMafia group is a great thing. Those guys have found a rallying call and staunchly support their team. But that doesn’t mean you need the same thing for the Sabres.

As someone who firmly believes that the NHL and its fans are more tapped into social media and other online avenues of conversation, I think that the game of hockey and those who follow it drive the use of social media tools in the coverage of the game. Maybe this is by necessity due to the lack of mainstream coverage from outlets like ESPN. Regardless, the community of Sabres bloggers and Twitter users is enormous despite the lack of a true rally banner on any sort of site. Yet, this is a good thing. There is no need to have a specific police force on Twitter for Sabres fans, players or even employees to tag their tweets with. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun, right?

Last night myself and Scott from Buffalo Sabres Nation started joking around with the #SabersMerfia hashtag and I think this could be a terrific way to poke fun at certain Sabres fans who like to call the whiner line and complain about other obnoxious things.

For example, when Fan A  is always talking about how lazy Thomas Vanek is on a nightly basis; he is part of #SabersMerfia. A Ryan Miller shutout? #SabersMerfia. The examples can expound from there and can pretty much apply to everything and anything surrounding the Sabres that don’t count as serious matters. Pick and choose your spots, it isn’t as if there is some sort of set of rules for when or when not to add such a hashtag.

Bottom line, this is no more than a running joke. I like to have fun on Twitter, it’s a great place for conversation and insight. Stuff likes this makes things that much more fun.