The importance of Faceoffs…


To boo or not to boo….


Vanek’s ice time vs. Hecht’s ice time…


Miller swearing…


Puck possession forwards vs. pinching d-men…


Some jackass in Colorado we should trade for that I’ve never heard of…


Grigomania sitting in the press box….


Elite defensemen vs. elite goalie…


How the Sabres are the biggest joke this side of the Hockey Heaven Purgatory.

Bingo. I think I’ll go with that one.

The Buffalo Sabres are so pathetic that for a guy who thrives on arguing and putting people in their place about silly hot takes, I am a beaten man today. I can’t muster the energy anymore to argue about insignificant things like the “Hot takes” I just mentioned. WHY? Because we’ve done this before.

We’ve done the booing/Cheering argument, pro and con.  I’ve done the elite goalie vs. elite defenseman argument. I’ve done the effort argument. I’ve done the Lindy/Darcy or chicken/egg argument. We’ve done the Vanek blowjob pieces. I’ve done the glass half full or half empty discussion. I got Matthew blogging about chocolate factories while I’m putting together a piece about the legacy of Fake Darcy and his childhood. Yes, we have all lost our fucken mind because the team has done this to us.

They have become the ultimate writer’s block for people who aren’t looking for traffic scores on their site. Maybe I can write a hot take about 5 ways the Sabres can turn their season around or the guidebook in failing for the first pick overall? Hooray for milquetoast writing!

Maybe it is because I remember a lot more arguments or generalized statements made by us as a fan base, is the reason why I can’t recycle old material. There aren’t any more new hot takes involving the Sabres.

We have become a fanbase that reaches into the overused hot topics for talk radio on a boring Tuesday in June when nothing is going on.  “Goalie/Elite defenseman” argument is nothing more than “your least favorite player in Buffalo history” hot take. We don’t even get to the point of talking about the games anymore. Instead, we just reach into old recycle topics about loving Vanek or hating Stafford.

Hell, go into our search engine to the right of this piece and just start searching. It is a bible filled with useful takes that are being argued today. Hell, all I have to do is just rearrange a few words, add a new metaphor or two, and throw in some new swear words. Presto! Hot takes be coming!

I don’t blame us anymore for wanting to rip each others’ heads off. I use to just pick a side and go with it for fun or for the sense of amusement. I’d just kill your take and say you are filled with hot air or an apologist.

Now, I just pity us.

What is the point in all of this? These are just a bunch of arguments to distract us from the boring blue ball life known as the Buffalo Sabres. I’ve reached for so many of Terry Pegula or Lindy Ruff’s imaginary brass rings, that it has become exactly that..Just imaginary. And since they are imaginary, we have nothing better to do than argue ourselves into oblivion about stuff that actually exists…

And that’s where the problem lies because this happens every year.

The Sabres lost to Winnipeg, a piss pour excuse for a hockey team. This isn’t breaking news, is it? How many times over the years have the Sabres been embarrassed by a crappy team? I can breakout a Bleacher Report slideshow for those games if you want. They lost to the Jets twice last year to go along with God knows how many New York Islanders games since 2008. Hell, it already happened this year with the Panthers! It happens every year.

For now, I’m done with this team for the year. Someone needs to get a machine gun and reenact the police station massacre in Terminator 1.

Kill everyone.

For our sake, change needs to happen because this just isn’t fun anymore. The discussions, the discord, the blame and the writing of this shitty piece of diatribe crap that you are reading right now needs to end. Stop worrying about the run to 8th, people. The run we have to worry about now is how this franchise has been run into the ground.

This is our hockey team..The Buffalo Sabres..the team we are living in hockey hell for…