Yeah, he really needs to get to a gym.

I'm a blogger. Which means I love media on media crime, Blog on blog crime, media on pro athletes crime and pretty much anything else that is dramatized and juvenile.

Today brings us Stevie Johnson vs Schopp and The Bulldog.

All of this drama pretty much stems from what Stevie Johnson said during an interview with Jim Rome. If you haven't heard it yet, I'd suggest listening to it before you go on any further. If you just go off of what Twitter was saying about it, it becomes a misquote adventure. Seriously, people on Twitter or even the media hardly ever fact check stuff like listening to the content of an interview. I'm guilty of that at times. The majority of Stevie's talk with Rome was mostly tongue and cheek as both parties were laughing during it. I've already given my point of view on it yesterday on Facebook (Cheap plug) when it comes to "working out" in the offseason and Stevie trying to hard to be a good interview.

After Stevie's interview hit the airwaves, Schopp and Bulldog went from glorifying the Sabres kickass win against Boston to judging Stevie's workout. Now, I didn't listen to their show yesterday, so, I can't really get worked up as to what they may or may not have said.  I can send you to the boys at Buddy Nixon who did listen and they didn't seem all that impressed with their points of view.

Then came today..Stevie, who I doubt listened because he was in New Orleans at that time, went on a glorified rant about Schopp and The Bulldog

Well then! Chap and Poodle? Did I happen to mention that Stevie does a radio show with these guys? Hilarious. As of this posting, Schopp and Bulldog haven't responded via Twitter. I'm sure they are probably working on getting Stevie on their show to confront him and if he refuses, one of them would probably blog about it at some point on their site. Twitter isn't a money maker at the end of the day. 

As much as I disagreed with bashing Stevie, I wouldn't exactly say that it was over the line in terms of trolling/criticism. This wasn't a manifested sensationalized point of view like Skip Bayless comes up with. I could get behind that being a leader in the offseason and wanting guys to work out with you as setting an example have merit to it. Maybe even trying everything in your power to be the best in the world would be something to put out there. However in my Allen Iverson voice, we are talking about workouts, not even a game or practice, talking about workouts here. It really wasn't that big of a deal in my opinion. To say that the Bills should cut Stevie is a joke.

As for Stevie's tweets, they are hilarious because I have the sense of humor of a 8-year-old boy, but calling Mike and Bulldog Chap and Poodle is probably immature. I also know mostly everyone will be on Stevie's side in all of this no matter what happens. He's the golden child for the Bills. I'll even admit that and say that it normally will jade my opinion on him. As for Schopp and The Bulldog, I don't think they are winning this popularity contest with him.

Now, I'll say that WGR has been pretty fair in regards to the Bills since they took over as their radio rights holder last year. They crushed Gailey and Nix this past season to the point that both guys almost hung up the phone on Howard Simon. They have been more than fair in my opinion. The John Murphy show? Totally different story.

However,  I have always thought WGR seemed to have a very pro-Stevie mindset over the years. They didn't kill him after his blaming God Tweet or his celebration penalties against the Jets/Patriots or when Sully would contrive an argument with Jeremy White about him being an elite WR. A few times on Twitter, I recalled Mike Harrington giving it to White about his pro-stance on Stevie and alluded to Stevie having his own show on the station as a point of being bias towards the star wide receiver.

Now comes yesterday's rant.

Now, being the cynic and rumor monger that I am, I wonder if Stevie is taking his show to a different station and maybe he already told this to Entercom Radio. His radio show isn't a part of the Bills package that has Chan, Buddy and the starting QB on the station. It is a show through him and his agent..not through the Bills. Maybe he wants too much money. Maybe that's why they decided to give him so much shit yesterday. Of course, that may be highly unlikely and I'm just being a conspiracy theorist.

Anyways, I just wanted to blog about it. I just love a good fight that doesn't involve me.