The Buffalo Sabres have to be the most frustrating team in the NHL this season. They have shown that they have talent to be able to play with the best franchises in the league, but can't seem to put together five good minutes against others.

The feeling that is portrayed from the ice is that the team can just flip a switch for a short period of time and still win a game. Tuesday night's game against the Winnipeg Jets  was the epitome of that philosophy. The team decided to only show up for a little over one period and brought the game to within one goal, but not enough to actually win.

The team has used this philosophy in many games this season and still pulled out wins. The biggest example of this is the game on February 7th against the Montreal Canadiens. The team found themselves down two goals early in the third period and were able to stumble into a late goal to tie the game and win it in a shootout. The team was getting booed off the ice with a minute and half left in the game and the puck still found the back of the net with two seconds left in regulation to tie the game.

Tuesday's game against the Jets may have been rock bottom for the team. The Sabres came out flat and was scored on within the first minute of game play. Their play didn't step up for the bulk majority of the game. Pominville scored in the last minute of the second period which seemed to give the team some jump in the third period. But it wouldn't be enough as Winnipeg was able to stop all of the chances thrown at the net.

The fans let the team know how they felt repeatedly during and after the game with boos raining down for most of the game. There has been a rather vigorous debate going on whether it is appropriate to boo during a game. That debate seemed to melt away as the Sabres continued to lay egg after egg on the ice. The fans are frustrated with the effort and have been for some time now. At some point, those boos are going to stop because people will just stop showing up for games.

The Sabres organization needs a major shakeup if they are going to make a run at anything this season. The fans know it, the players know it, and the coaches know it. But, even with all of that it doesn't feel like the front office is willing to do it. This organization has that stale feeling that has permeated throughout the fanbase and have made everyone just bitter and angry. With the way this team continues to play, that feeling seems like it is going to hang around for a little while.