Seven years ago, I launched a blog called Buffalo WOW.  The WOW served as an acronym for women of wisdom, wonder, wit, wile, will…..and any other wonderful adjective that could and should be connected to women in our community.

BW graphic colorI was dedicated to writing Buffalo WOW and, for as long I was able to keep it running, I was honored to interview some terrifically WOW individuals.   In addition to the profiles, I also posted inspirational quotes about women each day;  an action that was affirming  for readers and this writer alike.

However, the demands of a corporate career coupled with running my horse farm ultimately forced me to wave the white flag of exhaustion.  By year’s end, I closed down the Buffalo Wow blog.

Fast forward to 2013 and my life today is simplified by the absence of horses (love ’em, but they’re more work than kids!) and a consulting career with flexible hours.  Slowly but relentlessly.  Buffalo WOW has been beckoning.  So, with a little encouragement from Mr. BS, Peter Herr, I am jumping back onto the Buffalo WOW saddle.

My first story will come later this week.  It’s about a group of unique women with a passion for health and wellness , and how they’re using that passion to fight a deadly woman’s disease.  Below is a video that tells a bit about their story.  These are definitely Buffalo women of will and wile!

You go Buffalo Gals!

Fit WNY women pose for cancer calendar