Sunday, September 8  at 


3 Facts:

  • Last time the Bills opened at home against the Patriots was in 2003.
  • In the Bills history, no debuting coach has won their season opening game. NONE!
  • Last year was the first time since 2002 that the Bills lost by more points during their first encounter against the Pats than the 2nd time around.

Best memory: Bills ending the streak in 2011.
Worst memory: Oh, about everything between 2001 to the present.

Random player stat: Stevie Johnson has 29 catches for 382 yards and 3TDs against the Pats.

2 Sunday, September 15  at 


3 facts:

  • This is the first time the Bills have started the season with back-to-back games at home since 2000. Before that you'd have to go back to 1991. Bills went 4-0 in both those seasons.
  • The Bills are 1-7 all-time against the NFC South.
  • In the Bills 5 meetings against Carolina, they had a different starting QB in all of them (Kelly, Flutie, Van Pelt, Holcomb and Edwards).

Best memory: Bills crushed them on Sunday night football in 1998, 30-14. Moulds had 5 catches for 145 yards.
Worst memory: In 2005, Jake Dehlomme threw a TD pass with less than a minute left to beat the Bills.

Random player stat: Jairus Byrd has 2 career interceptions against the Panthers.

3 Sunday, September 22  at 


3 facts:

  • The Bills haven't won at the Meadowlands since 2009.
  • Mark Sanchez has thrown 9 INTs against the Bills, which is 2nd most he's had against any team.
  • I was trashed when I went to the game last year.

Best memory: Jim Kelly to Jamie Mueller in 1990.
Worst Memory: The 2002 season opener. Fuck Chad Morton and his two kickoff returns for a TD.

Random player stat: Fred Jackson has averaged only 3.4 yards against the Jets for his career.


Sunday, September 29  at 


3 facts:

  • Bills haven't won in Baltimore since 1999.
  • The Bills haven't beaten an AFC North team on road since 2010
  • The Ravens were 20th against the run last year.

Best memory: Doug Flutie hitting Jonathan Linton in the back of end zone to beat the Ravens in 1999.
Worst memory: The refs screwing over the Bills in 2010, when Shawn Nelson was held up for like an hour and was subsequently stripped of the football.

Random player stat: Manny Lawson has 17 career solo tackles against the Ravens, the 5th most he's had against any team.

5 Thursday, October 3  at 


3 facts:

  • Besides 2011, The Bills and Browns have met every year since 2007.
  • A total of 7 different QBs have started.
  • Cleveland had only 16 TD passes last year, ranking 28th in the NFL.

Best memory: Beating the Browns 42-0 in 1990. It was the revenge game after the Ronnie Harmon drop
Worst memory: The Ronnie Harmon drop and the quality of games between them over the last 6 years. I assure you, America will hate this game.

6 Sunday, October 13  at 


3 facts:

  • The Bills have only lost to the Bengals once since 1988.
  • Last time the Bengals won in Buffalo was 1985.
  • The Bengals were a +4 in turnover ratio last year, ranking 4th best in AFC.

Best memory: Stevie Johnson unveiling his "Why so serious?" T-shirt
Worst memory: My sister being pissed off the Bills lost to the Bengals in the AFC title game in 1988

Random player stat: Mario Williams has one career sack against the Bengals.

7 Sunday, October 20  at  1:00

3 facts:

  • Since 2000, the Bills have only won 4 times in Miami.
  • The Bills have scored 2TDs or a fewer in 6 of their last 7 games in Miami.
  • The Bills haven't scored more than 20 points in Miami since 2005

Best memory: Beating Miami in the AFC Championship game in 1992
Worst memory: Doug Flutie fumbling after being sacked by Trace Armstrong while driving for the game-tying TD in the 1998 Wildcard game.

Random player stat: Brad Smith has 15 catches for 129 yards and 2TDs against Miami for his career. Hmm. I actually would have thought those were his career numbers.

Week 8: Sunday, October 27 at New Orleans

3 facts:

  • The last time the Bills played in New Orleans was 1998.
  • The Bills haven't lost in New Orleans since 1973.
  • The Saints were #1 in passing last year.

Best memory: The Bills beating the Saints in 1992 when no one thought they could and Jim Kelly saying so afterwards in a defiant manner.
Worst memory: Believing in Rob Johnson after he torched the Saints in 1998 for 3 TDs.

Random player stat: Kyle Williams has 7 tackles in his only game against the Saints.

Week 9: Sunday, November 3 vs. Kansas City

3 facts:

  • This is the 6th straight year the Bills have played the Chiefs.
  • The Chiefs haven't beaten the Bills in Buffalo since 1986 (Jim Kelly's 2nd NFL game)
  • The Chiefs had the fewest amount of TD passes last year.

Best memory: Bills beating the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game.
Worst memory: The Chiefs spanking us on Monday Night football in 1991. Excluding the SBs, probably one of the worst defeats of the 90s.

Random player stat: CJ Spiller has averaged 6-yards a carry and 3TDs against KC.

Week 10: Sunday, November 10 at Pittsburgh

3 random facts:

  • The Bills haven't won in Pittsburgh since the 1992 playoffs.
  • The Bills haven't scored a TD in Pittsburgh during the regular season since 1994.
  • Over the last two years, the Steelers have ranked #1 in pass  defense, but only have 37 and 35 sacks in each of those years.

Best memory: Frank Reich pulling out a 24-3 upset win in the playoffs in 1992. Reich to Mitch Frerotte TD pass actually happened in this game
Worst memory: Between the Monday Night football massacres of the 90s and losing to the backups in the season finale in 2004.

Random player stat: Mario Williams has 4 career sacks against Pittsburgh.

Week 11: Sunday, November 17 vs. New York Jets

3 random facts:

  • The Bills have 3 wins against Buddy and Rex Ryan coached football teams.
  • If you take out last year's home game, in the previous home games against  the Jets, the Bills have scored 11, 14 and 7 points.
  • The Jets QBs threw 19 INTs last year, which tied for 3rd most in the NFL

2nd best memory: The Bills clinching the division in 1993. The Jets' kicker missed a chip shot field goal to win it as time ran out.
2nd worst memory: Going to the season opener last year and the Jets crushing us by 20. Talk about a walk of shame after leaving the stadium.

Random player stat: Kyle Williams has 45 tackles and 3 sacks against the Jets. Both numbers are the 2nd most against any team.

Week 12: BYE WEEK

Week 13: Sunday, December 1 vs. Atlanta (Rogers Centre in Toronto) 4:05 pm

3 random facts:

  • The Bills are 1-4 in Toronto games.
  • Bills have scored 8 TDs in those games.
  • Atlanta has the best record going into the season (13-3) for an opponent playing against the Bills in Toronto. Previous was 9-7 by the Jets in 2008.

Best memory: The Bills crushing Atlanta 42-14 in 1992. They ran up like 300 yards rushing and Deion Sanders proved how big of a dick he was when he celebrated a TD return that pulled the Falcons within 4tds of the Bills.
Worst memory: Seeing Brian Brohm start a game for the Bills in 2009.

Random stat: In his last three games in Toronto, Stevie Johnson has 25 catches for 317 yards.

Week 14: Sunday, December 8 at Tampa Bay

3 random facts:

  • The Bills haven't won in Tampa Bay since 1991.
  • The Bills haven't won a December road game since 2010.
  • Last year was the most yards Tampa Bay passed for in franchise history.

Best memory: When T.O. caught a TD bomb by Trent Edwards.
Worst memory: When Rob Johnson looked like he was dead when Warren Sapp drilled him into the ground. Dude was face down and it seriously looked like you could have chalk his body at a crime scene.

Random player stat: Excluding the B-Colts game, Fred Jackson's career high in rushing was against the Bucs with 163 yards rushing.

Week 15: Sunday, December 15 at Jacksonville

3 random facts:

  • Since 2003, the Bills have met the Jags every year besides 2011 and 2005.
  • The Bills are 3-4 all-time in Buffalo against the Jags, but 3-2 against them on the road.
  • The Jags were 30th in rushing last year.

Best memory: Flutie beating the Jags.
Worst memory: Being at Jim Kelly's last game as the Jags knocked the Bills out of the playoffs. Knew the run was over.

Week 16: Sunday, December 22 vs. Miami

3 facts:

  • This is the latest regular season game Miami has ever played in Buffalo.
  • Since 1997, the Bills and Dolphins have combined to start 20 different starting QBs. Woof.
  • Miami was 28th in passing offense last year.

My 2nd best memory: Bills clinching home field advantage in the playoffs in 1990. Frank Reich with another high pressure win. 
My 2nd worst memory: Louis Oliver returning a INT return for a TD against the Bills in 1992. Bills got blown out at home, 37-10.

Random stat: Kevin Kolb's only career start against Miami resulted in 324 yards passing and 3 TDs.

Week 17: Sunday, December 29 at New England

3 facts:

  • The last time the Bills and Pats had a season opening and finale against each other was 2003. Bills and Jets had it last year and Miami and Buffalo did it in 1977.
  • The Bills haven't won in New England since 2000.
  • Tom Brady is the shit.

2nd best memory: The Bills crushing New England in the 1993 season opener. First game against Parcells since the SB lost against the Giants.
2nd Worst memory: Leodis McKelvin fumble

Combined record of opponents: 96-112 and they only play four teams above .500 (Falcons, Steelers, Ravens and Patriots)