Continuing with trying to get scouting reports from writers who have covered the Bills current draft class, we goto to the boys at Shakin The Southland to get the deal on Jonathan Meeks.

1) What are his strengths and weaknesses? 

Strengths – Run support, he's better when he's coming into the underneath zones as well, and he isn't scared to lay a hit.

Weaknesses – He cannot read patterns well, and when he's backed up as the 1-high safety, he's usually coming down on an underneath TE/slot without reading the pattern and leaving his CB high and dry. He also has no concept of how to use his arms. Passes come right at him and he can't pick them off, and when trying to tackle a receiver he does not wrap.

2) The Bills are going to run a very aggressive defense with tons of blitzing and with the safety at times playing close to the box and getting involved in run support, how do you see Meeks in that sort of defense?
He'll succeed in that WAY more than he would as a coverage safety. I've always liked him more when he's coming up into run support or blitzing. He's just not cut out to play the deep zones.
3) The Bills have always seemed to have issues with covering TEs, can Meeks help out in that regard?
No. I've never seen him do well picking up a TE. Usually what he's done here is 2-high or rolled over to a middle free in a C1 or middle safety in C3. He doesn't come up to press TEs at all and doesn't collision the receiver going up the seam.
4) Can Meeks be an NFL starter? If so, why?
I would say no to that question because he's regressed since showing promise as a freshman. He reached a point and just seemed to get worse from there, which baffles Clemson fans. Many blame it on poor secondary coaching by Charlie Harbison, and I'd lay much of it on Harbison's doorstep, but Meeks has the speed and ability to do better than he ever produced here. This makes me very pessimistic about his NFL potential.
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