The First Niagara Foundation, Mayor Byron Brown and the City of Buffalo Save Our Streets Task Force are working together to make improvements to the City’s Fruit Belt neighborhood.  Employees of the bank volunteered their time today as part of the City’s Clean Sweep Initiative, helping Mayor Brown and the Save Our Streets Task Force address quality of life issues in the area.

“We are proud to partner with the City of Buffalo to improve the overall quality of life in the Fruit Belt Community,” said Buford Sears, First Niagara Buffalo Market Executive.  “Our team is committed to revitalizing Buffalo’s neighborhoods.  We’re working with Clean Sweep to not only improve our city streets – but also to build hope in the future of our community.”

“I applaud First Niagara for partnering with Buffalo to further strengthen and beautify neighborhoods by addressing quality of life issues through the city’s Clean Sweep Initiative,” said Mayor Brown.  “First Niagara’s employee participation and generous donation solidifies its position as a true community partner.   We look forward to working on other shared initiatives that continue to strengthen our city, making Buffalo a great place to live, work and invest.”

The Clean Sweep Initiative includes graffiti removal, debris removal, mowing services, baiting for rodents, vacant home demolition and smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector installation.  First Niagara is purchasing $2,000 worth of detector devices to be distributed in the Fruit Belt, as well as other neighborhoods.  The project also offers quality of life services to residents including dental services, health insurance enrollment, employment referrals and youth program information

Mayor Brown’s Save Our Streets Task Force says they have conducted 162 neighborhood clean sweeps since 2006.