Boy…Those were some fun NBA Finals we just witnessed, right? The stories, the legacies, the game winning shots and the players. Whether you love or hate the NBA, you have to admit you were entertained.

This was the first time in a long time I actually sat down and watched the entire playoffs from start to finish. Normally, I’d watch a round or two and then the Finals, but this year I wanted to be fully vested into it for a change.

I gotta say, it was so much fun to not have a real rooting interest. I was letting the games come to me. No disappointment, no swearing. Just myself, maybe some friends, and a few beers. It was great passion and theater. Sports can be fun when you actually don’t care about the outcome.

However, I’d be kidding you if there weren’t other ulterior motives for me deciding to take in every game besides the non-emotional attachment for entertainment sake…

Like trying to avoid our Buffalo teams.

I try, guys..I really try to be positive and not sweat the small shit in going overboard when it comes dissecting every fucken angle of the Sabres or Bills. However, I can’t help it. I always get sucked into having an opinion and for once,  I just needed a break. I didn’t care about the Sabres draft or OTAs for the Bills or anything. I haven’t really posted anything in regards to both teams on the field product since May. I wanted a break. See you in September or when you actually make a fucken move.


You just can’t keep your damn mouths shut when I’m just trying to enjoy basketball or girls in skirts walking through NYC.

Terry Pegula has to speak and act defiant because he doesn’t understand why WE think Darcy Regier sucks at his job. Then we get the Bills complaining about their schedule because they are facing 6 teams coming off a few days off while ignoring the fact that the stats say it doesn’t really matter or that they whore out one home game a year to dumbass Toronto.

And, of course, we get Darcy coming out yesterday and declaring that the hopes and dreams of trading up are nonexistent because it would destroy the Sabres valor-filled depth.


I’m not asking to have good things at this point..I’m just asking to believe that good things may happen. Better yet, how about some entertainment, like I just witnessed in the NBA Playoffs? I’m so sick and tired of writing down this narrative of sadness and bitterness as a Buffalo fan. I swear, I have about 200 of these sad posts in the archives or at a local bar stool.

#Becauseitsbuffalo isn’t some sort of marketing slogan on Twitter for self-depricating fools to throw on a T-shirt, it is a damn way of life!

Frankly, I never believed the Sabres would do anything with their picks and for the most part, I kept it to myself because I wanted people in my Twitter feed to actually believe something good might end up coming. I didn’t want to ruin your party. Enjoy it. Enjoy prospects and believe in Kris Baker.

It was kind of like the scene towards the end of “Dark Knight Rises” as  Robin gave the kids hope by telling them there was another way to survive a possible nuclear explosion by getting back on the bus.  The priest then asked him “What would be the point since nuclear bomb was going to go off?” which Robin said something along the lines of “Let’s not kill their hope.”

If the Bills or Sabres were the priest in that scene, they would have slashed our school bus tires and yelled “WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!?”  Two franchises that used to pat themselves on the back for selling hope to us aren’t even trying anymore. Oh, well..We still got free training camps!!!

I think our boys at The Plaza and The Drive need to simmer down for a change and not have anymore press conferences or interviews. Just stop crashing the party and let me enjoy baseball season or The WWE or the summer.