By the Court of Macerata (Italy), where it is being lawsuit among Gianluca Francioni against the city of Corridonia, the manager of the stadium “Martini” and the team of Athletics N.A.Fanfulla of Lodi for the payment of damages, arrive finally after almost three years the first sensational answers.

For example, came out that the town of Corridonia has not been established at this stage of the process and seems to want to give up to defend themselves. Instead, according to the manager of the stadium Martini”, the champion Francioni was not authorized to use the facility and in fact could be called an “abusive” and that those structures was at regular maintenance. The athletic team N.A. Fanfulla of Lodi with which Francioni was affiliated at the time, in response, calls into question the City of Corridonia and the manager of the Stadium, as the team says, would be held responsible for non maintenance of the platform that caused the accident and was the athlete to want to train in Corridonia, Fanfulla instead,never interested the conditions under which the thrower training. This is normal because the throwers are not considered as the other athletes.

Recall that the story dates back to the winter of 2010, when Gianluca Francioni, shot putter corridoniano Italian champion, Italian record holder and 5 times on the national team , was training at the stadium “Martini” and because of the failure of the launch platform where he was training one of his usual workouts, suffered the rupture of the patellar tendon in his right knee that forced him to surgical operation for the reconstruction of the same. It should also be noted that in the past the stadium facilities underwent numerous reports made by the athlete for the bad state in which they was and it seems unlikely that regular maintenance work has been carried seen what happened.

The 40-year-old thrower announce that he wants to close permanently with competitive athletics: “I no longer want to compete given what’s going on. Be defined as an” abusive” after more than 25-year career that I was the protagonist of competition in Italy and abroad bringing up the name of Corridonia city, really leaves me baffled, disappointed and sorry. And to think that the cost of the restructuring of the platform did not went beyond a few hundred-dollars and all this could be avoided. In any case, I have confidence in the judiciary and I am confident that justice will surely make light of this sad story, “said the former Italian record holder, until 2010 under the NA Fanfulla of Lodi and that in his long career he wore the shirts of the most prestigious and important Italian teams in athletics and was coached by the famous Tony Naclerio, selector team usa at the World Championships in Tokyo in 1991, and coach at Rutgers University.

Now, the next court date is set for November 22, 2013 and we will see what will be the developments.

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