As most of you know, I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan.  After I watched the first two seasons, I needed to keep my fetish going by hitting the Fire and Ice series. After reading the books, I was even more captivated by the stories and their amazing attention to detail.

My expectations for the 3rd season rose to heights I've never felt for any sort of fiction folklore. That's just how good the 3rd book was. (Which was based on the 3rd season)

However, the books spoiled me or better yet, it made me want to race through the angles and just get to the good parts like Sansa marrying Tyrion and seeing the The Red Wedding.

I then wanted to pick at every angle because it didn't coincide with my imagination for when I read the books. Maybe it had to do with the first time knowing being the best time, but I think what primarily happened was expectations exceed reality. However, when you look at the 3rd season as a whole, it was outstanding. I just needed to temper my anticipation and just enjoy the ride while not being such a critic.

I think sometimes in sports, we tend to go down the same GoT road I went through. We never seem to let the angles play out fully because we just want to dive right to the end game. 

If you've been watching the NBA playoffs, you'll see that LeBron James and the Heat are the most scrutinized team to date.  Maybe in all of pro sports even. A lot of it has to do with "The Decision" and just the hoopla surrounding the big three. Every game is treated as if it is game 7 of the NBA Finals.

"THEY ARE GREAT?! No, they suck!! James isn't the best player in the world. WHY AREN'T THE HEAT DESTROYING TEAMS?! THEY AREN'T ONE OF THE GREATEST TEAMS IN HISTORY!? "


When did winning with style points become the norm over just winning? Better yet, why can't we just give credit to the teams who actually beat the juggernauts? It is more about the conquered instead of the conquering heroes. 

Bill Simmons said the other night that the Heat may win the title, but they won't be considered one of the all-time greats. Who the fuck cares?! Also, can we at least play out the big 3 contracts before we place or kick them out of the fortress of sports solitude?

It has become a blame game of sorts. The sensationalism of stories to mix in with the condescending story telling  has gone beyond the fantasy world.

With a Buffalo connection (Yes, it always goes back to Buffalo for me), this dates back to even the early 90s when the Bills were still making Super Bowls, yet, they weren't blowing away teams like they did in 1990 or 1991. I remember the narratives from fans and media members, "They are ripe for the pickings after squeaking out a win against a sub .500 team." When the Sabres lost to the Sens in 2007, the narrative wasn't about the Sens being better, it was mostly about the Sabres sucking.

What did those teams have in common with the Heat?

Heightened expectations.

In times like these, you just have to let the story develop and enjoy it. Sure, you can hate the Heat and want them to fail, but don't pick at every nook and cranny because the over-the-top hype doesn't meet your expectations. Stop trying to quote Cersei Lannister in saying "When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die, there is no middle ground." There is a middle is called the story on how you get there.

Enjoy it for what it is because there may never be another LeBron James..or there may never be another President trophy Sabres team or Jim Kelly.