photo (5)The street was alive with electricity.  Excitement and anticipation permeated the air and carried the day!  Chants of “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie” and “We believe in Bernie” filled the room.  The Women For Bernie Tolbert are formally in full effect, fired up and ready to go!

About 50 women supporters of Bernie Tolbert gathered in front of his headquarters to show their support and commitment.  The newly formed group led by his wife Malinda Tolbert is comprised of friends, family and supporters, Mrs. Tolbert spoke of her husband and his support of her and all women, “Bernie is supportive of me and I am supportive of him; he respects all women and anyone who thinks anything else is wrong!”
Paulette Woods spoke about recent attacks on Mr. Tolbert’s character, reminding the audience that “Bernie has a right to run!  This is a Democratic primary and that’s what democracy means!”  Tolbert’s daughter, Nicole Tolbert, read a statement from her grandmother, Lisa Yokley who was out of town.
 “My grandmother is sending her love and support and wants everyone to know she raised her son to love and respect women and that’s just what he does!”
 Legislator Betty Jean Grant who is running for re-election as 2nd District Erie County Legislator and supporting Bernie Tolbert for Mayor, stated, “Bernie Tolbert is the best candidate for Mayor in this race.
Bernie wants to make our city safer, our schools better and get our young people working and I believe he can make that happen as Mayor!”
Community Activist Joan Simmons reminded everyone, “Our vote is our most powerful tool for change.  Let’s Use it to make a better Buffalo!”
Mrs. Tolbert closed out the meeting of highly charged, motivated women saying, “Tell all your friends and neighbors! It’s on Ladies!  We are going to make Bernie Tolbert Buffalo’s next mayor!  Now let’s go do it! “
All eyes were on her, all heads were nodding in agreement and all voices were lifted in unison – “We believe in Bernie!”
Tolbert later released a statement thanking the women for their courage to stand up:
I would like to thank the Women for Tolbert who gathered today to send the message to our community that I am the BETTER choice to serve as Buffalo’s next mayor. 

From my mother, to my wife and daughter, my sister, my neighbors, Erie County Legislator and friend, Betty Jean Grant and the many women who stood with them, I am honored by your dedication to my candidacy. 

With your strong support, I will continue on with my campaign for mayor, upholding the lifelong respect that I have always maintained for women and their rights.