Earlier this week WGRZ ‘2 Sides’ host Kristi Mazurek, Steve Casey and Maurice Garner tried to use Common Council member Bonnie Russell as their mouth piece convincing Russell to hold a press conference about a an old and frivolous lawsuit against the NBA that happens to mention Bernie Tolbert by name because he was the head of security for them at the time.

The political assassination attempt quickly blew up in all their faces when it was noted that Russell is a ‘strong long time supporter’ of Byron Brown and what she had to say really didn’t amount to a hill of beans.

Mazurek desperately tried again on WGRZ’s ‘2 sides program’ to tie the frivolous NBA lawsuit to Tolbert.

In case their is any question about what ‘side’ Kristi Mazurek is really on here, let’s go to the screen cap of Mazurek walking up to the media on Wednesday with a big wave and a smile like she was in a freaking parade.

The picture speaks a thousand words. The Brown campaign has WGRZ and ‘2 Sides’ host Kristi Mazurek in their back pocket. It’s also pretty clear that WGRZ is not going to be the source to turn to in this mayoral election until they rid themselves of Mazurek and her political agenda.
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