What do you do when your editor harasses you for months to open up Word and write something? If you are incurably lazy like me, just take the easy way out and let other people provide the content for you! It’s nothing new, and there’s already one wholly unsavory recurring (loose term) mailbag over at the Deeg done by the Continental. I would have linked to one of the actual columns, but I went back over five pages of content and found that she hasn’t done one since Fitzmagic and Sabres playoff hopes were still things.

I’m sure some other fine blogs written by Buffalo basement dwellers and ex-pats have Q&A sessions, too, but to be completely honest I never read anybody’s columns  because reading about these teams makes me sad and sad makes me drink. My aversion to sobriety leads me to either a tasty and chic craft which will murder your wallet, or a timeless classic in Pabst, which at $12 a rack you simply cannot beat (especially if you like to spend your mornings uncomfortably shitting with a sharp headache). Either way, I’ve got to give off the illusion of adulthood every now and then, so I steer clear of the assuredly fine offerings to save my sanity (read: keep my girlfriend around).

Without any further ado, BUFFALO WINS MAILBAG. First up, the fine folks on the Buffalo Wins Facebook page.

I have the upmost respect for Freddie but no more of this splitting carries crap. C.J is a top 5 back in the league and its time for him to really showcase his talent this year. – Meeco LaMarti (FB)

That’s not a question, Meeco. You’ve obviously missed the objective of this exercise. Moving on.

Why don't they trade Freddie? He is old but still has value in the trade market, it's time to hand the torche to spiller…. Speaking of spiller when is his contract up and why hasn't they signed him long term? And what's going on with Byrd ? – Daniel D’Angelantonio (FB)

I honestly don’t believe he really does have much value on the market at this point. There’s no doubt that he’s still a playmaker, but at 32, if a team wanted to give up anything of value for him I would be very surprised. Decent backs that are much younger than him are being traded for peanuts, which would lead me to believe that the only real return he could bring at this juncture is future considerations for a late round pick or something of that nature. If he is still playing well close to the deadline and a playoff-bound team is without a viable option at tailback I could see discussions occurring, but he is more useful in this team’s uniform than the likely pittance they’d receive for shooing him away would be any time soon.

Will Robert Woods become a viable secondary option to Steve Johnson this year? – Matt Ebbecke (FB)

I’d imagine so. With the run game and underneath speed that the team has this year, both Woods and Johnson should see minimal double teams. Even if Woods is little more than a decoy for the other offensive players, he’ll have done his job. Once Chandler makes it back onto the field it should help them both, and from there on out it’s all about getting open and catching footballs.

when does the first Kikkkkkooooooooo chant happen? I want to be a part of it. – Matt Nerau (FB)

The first time his name comes over the PA in the Ralph after I’ve spent an entire morning slamming beers. Being this classy is hard work.

Which 2nd year player do you think will have a breakout season? – Au’stin Gaston Cups (FB)

The guy who has the best chance to improve and make some waves as far as I’m concerned is Nigel Bradham. This staff is slotting him as a starter from the jump and giving him reps on the inside consistently. He wasn’t horrible in his rookie year, but it was hard to gain any confidence and get into a rhythm when his playing time was scattered between four different positions and scarce at that. He’s in line for a prominent role and I’m interested in seeing what he can do with Alonso. Of last year’s group, I think Gilmore has the highest probability of looking like he’s regressed. The kid looked stellar for how raw he was (with little help, at that) and it doesn’t take much for folks to turn on a player for anything less than their top production (see Jairus Byrd’s sophomore year).


From the sources who brought you such breaking stories such as Cowher to Buffalo and Bryant Johnson a Done Deal, the only thing holding up the Byrd negotiations is that the team wants him to wear a ProCap for the duration of the contract. Every day.


Whoever shows over the next two months that they give the team the best chance to win. For the first time since Jimbo left, I truly believe that’s the case. I’ve gone back and forth on whether I’d like Manuel to take the job right out of camp or not, but if he grasps it and gels with his receiver s early on I see no issues with him starting right away. If not, Kolb is serviceable while he learns.

Glenn at left tackle, Wood at center, Urbik at right guard. Obviously, since you asked about it, left guard and right tackle are up in the air but I fully expect THE BIG LEGURSKY to be the meat to Cordy and Eric’s man sandwich and Colin Brown to continue backing up Wood while Pears maintains his spot on the right. Nothing that anyone else has done would be enough to bump Pears right now and Legursky was signed for a reason. Plus, that shit on his arms is neat.


While this question was posed to Joe, he still wanted me to answer it. It’s tough to say, but I think that similar folks like similar things more often than not. I’d place Joe in front of the same candy coated titjiggler as Marcus Easley because, like Easley, the #BILLSMAFIA thinks he’s the coolest motherfucker ever and those of us with a brain know better.


If CJ plays consistently like he did last season, it would cover up some of Kolb’s weaknesses and Manuel’s inexperience. If he can make that work, it’d be a huge help for either guy. I mean, Minnesota made the playoffs last year with Christian Ponder under center, so anything is possible.

I appreciate the entries for this inaugural pisser, boys and girls. If I didn’t get to yours, it was either unintelligible, something already asked, or something I’ll get to next time. Most of them were nonsensical bullshit, though. Please feel free to submit further questions as I intend on easing my monumental level of laziness to make this a somewhat regular thing. You can either submit to [email protected] or on twitter @bwbag. Now here’s one for the road: