Bernie Tolbert, a Buffalo native, former executive for both the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) and candidate for the office of Mayor of Buffalo is taking to the streets of Buffalo to talk directly with the people about rising crime rates and their fears over the increasing violence invading their neighborhoods and their homes.

“Mayor Brown continues to tout that Buffalo is a safer city,” Tolbert said.  “Yet we recently heard details of a crime increase on the city’s West Side that not only indicates that people are not safe on the streets, but now their homes are being invaded and vandalized, even while residents are in place.  It’s time for the Mayor to stop hiding in his office behind his armed security guard and understand what’s happening in this city. And that’s exactly what I will be doing by taking my campaign to the streets.”

Takin’ It to the Streets will begin Sunday, July 28 and continue throughout the week.  In that time, the candidate will walk areas of all nine city districts, talking to residents about the crime and violence in their neighborhoods and sharing his ideas for ways that will actually make Buffalo a safer city.  Tolbert’s expertise in this area comes from his years of successful experience in crime fighting with the FBI, as noted by Buffalo Police Benevolent Association President Kevin Kennedy.

“The men and women of the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association, Inc. have voted overwhelmingly to endorse Mr. Tolbert because they feel that the current Mayor has not properly addressed many of their concerns regarding the increasing violence in the streets that they are sworn to protect,” Kennedy said.  “Under the current Mayor, Buffalo has become the number one (1) most violent city in the state of New York and, the tenth (10) most violent cities in the nation. The PBA and its members think it is long overdue for professional leadership in the area of law enforcement.   We believe that Mr. Tolbert’s education, professional background and, personal qualities lend themselves to working with the PBA in making this once great city a shining example for the whole nation.”