‘Silly Season’ is starting a bit early this year. It wasn’t meant to get political, but come on… It’s Buffalo.

This women caused quite a stir with her completely unsubstantiated claims regarding Erie County Legislator Betty Jean Grant’s husband at the Community Summit on Violence meeting Legislator Grant hosted at the Merriweather Library in Buffalo.

Mrs. Grant wasn’t even in the room at the time of the rukus but a few supporters stood up and set the women straight. It just about ended what was a positive discussion about addressing an ongoing problem in the City of Buffalo.

Rumors are already swirling that the women was sent by staffers with the Brown campaign with the intent to try and discredit Mrs. Grant.

Buckle in folks.  This political season is going to get interesting really fast.

We will have the entire summit available shortly  but in the meantime you can view the entire summit here.