Pat Burke, a candidate for the 7th District Erie County Legislature, will officially be on the ballot this upcoming fall.

The South Buffalo native and fifteen members of his volunteer team pounded the pavement, throughout the district, rounding up over nine hundred and fifty signatures, nearly double the required amount.

Pat Burke believes he can bring functionality back to County Government. As the only candidate Independent from the disparate factions of the Democratic Party, Pat feels he is in the best position to serve the people of Erie County.

Pat Burke, candidate for the 7th District of the Erie County Legislature, has received the endorsement of City of Buffalo Comptroller, Mark J. F. Schroeder.

Schroeder states, “”Currently the people of South Buffalo, Kaisertown, and Lovejoy have no representation on the Erie County Legislature for the first time in more than half a century.  As a former Erie County Legislator who represented these city neighborhoods, I am endorsing Pat Burke because he has the leadership, passion, and dedication to represent the disenfranchised taxpayers of the 7th District.”

Pat Burke is a life time resident of Western New York. He believes that in order to ensure the economic viability of Erie County and Western New York, resources need to be allocated to support a safe and prosperous Buffalo.