If you are looking for real reporting on important issues facing the residents of Buffalo and erie county this year, forget about it.

Buffalo currently has the worst local media in history. Maybe because stories like truth testing tv ads and whose out fundraising who are brainless stories to report without actually having to travel out of the newsroom and into the general public.

For a political candidate vying for media attention, it’s damn near impossible.

We weren’t quite sure how to take this latest press release from Pat Burke for Erie County Legislator:

Independent Democrat, Pat Burke is known for being the tallest candidate for the Erie County Legislature, but his campaign team could not have imagined how useful his genetics would be until this Tuesday. Burke had intended to attend as many National Night Out events as possible on August 6th, but was briefly held up when he noticed a bear entering the event. Because of his extensive knowledge of zoology, Pat was able to identify that the brown bear was both underweight and angry looking. Before the bear could ruin this community event, Pat did what any candidate for public office would do- he intervened.

The struggle was brief and Pat’s campaign team was able to patch most of his wounds with tissues and scotch tape. The bear ran toward a forested area, regretting his decision to engage such a committed politician in a physical conflict. The bear, who Pat affectionately calls Smokey, seemed relieved to have had a chance to rethink his choices and later sent Pat a thank you card.

Pat states, “I wouldn’t consider myself a hero, but I hope that this incident shows the residents of the seventh district that I am committed to preserving their safety and wellness, and that I represent their best interests.”

At first we thought it was a lame attempt at humor, or maybe some  ‘inside baseball’ political joke.  Turns out it was an attempt  to gain attention for a race that will likely not see more media attention besides this blog post.

When asked to explain this random press release, the Burke campaign responded:

“It was all in good fun but I’m glad you took notice. Press releases of County Legislative candidates get very little consideration but the response to our “Bear” press release has been amazing. Pat is an issues oriented candidate but traditional media does not seem to care about the issues. If he has to put on a clown nose to get the necessary attention for his message then he will” 

Sad state of media affairs when you have to stoop to an onion-esque press release just to ‘try’ and get noticed.