So I just got out of the theater after I saw a double feature of Kick Ass 2 (Awesome sequel. If you love violence and dreams coming true to be  a superhero, this flick is for you) and Jobs (Meh. It was decent, although I think Ashton Kutcher can't act. Every time he shows any sort of anger, it feels like he's about to either laugh or start crying in a "I can't get the transformer I want" kind of way).

Anyways, my cousin called after the movies..

Cousin: Did you hear?

Joe: You finally lost your virginity.

Cousin:  No, dick. EJ Manuel is out for the preseason.

Joe: Yeah..Ok. Nice joke.

Cousin: No, he's out. Hurt his leg.



So, yeah. That was a kick in the balls. However, after the initial shock and finishing my conversation with my cousin, I came to realize that we shouldn't kill ourselves yet…

1) EJ Manuel has won this job. What really is the point of the next two games? I mean, I guess you can talk about reps and all that stuff, but it's preseason and I think after a month of training camp, 2 preseason games, and OTAs..I don't think he's going to get that much better by playing the next two games. Hell, if he plays bad, some fans would start panicking. So, let's go out on a high! Most fans are happy with the way he's played. BTW, Trent Edwards played in only two preseason games the year we started 5-1..alright, you are probably not feeling better.

2) It is preseason. It isn't the regular season….Moving on.

3) I'm in no hurry to get EJ back. I mean, would I like to see him play against the Pats, a game I'm coming up to watch and pay 65 bucks to see? Of course. I don't want to see Kolb at all. However, he has to be 100% and since I still feel the Bills are going to be lousy, I'm not exactly in a RGIII state of mind in seeing EJ play on a bum leg in order for us to get blown out by 24 points instead of 30. Just when he's healthy, he can come back.

4) least Kevin Kolb can get more playing time……NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Seriously, I just don't see how this opens the door for him. He's just not a good QB. I mean, do you really think he's going to put up numbers against Washington? I don't.

5) I'm curious where the hell this injury took place. EJ seemed fine after last night's game. He spoke to the media and took pictures with like 20 FSU alumni. Very strange.

Final word: Don't panic. This isn't a #becauseitsbuffalo kind of moment…Alright, maybe between "The mat" eating Kevin Kolb's leg, Mario's mystery foot injury and now EJ Manuel..we can just term this as a mini-session of #becauseitsbuffalo. It is just being snakebitten in training camp. In other words, we have been through worst and we all tend to be drama queens when any sort of adversity hits our teams.

I'm willing to bet we will see him against the Pats and we'll forget about this crap.