WARNING: This is preseason. Preseason football is a scam. It is crap. Don't read into it at all. Even folks in the media know it is crap sandwich, but they have to find something to talk about.  Just realize I'm blogging about it because preseason football is better than no football and I'm bored. Also, if you think I'm a hypocrite for blogging about something I totally hate and want to shit on me for it, by all means, I have a hat that will shield me from most of the crap. But other than that, this is crap.

CJ Spiller's heavy heart: Pretty ironic that after I wrote about Dareus playing last year with a heavy heart after his brother was killed, CJ Spiller would be doing the same thing in of all games, a fake one. Spiller played with a heavy heart after learning that his step-father had killed himself after shooting three other people. That's straight up crazy. I don't know how someone can play a football game after learning that. Everything about CJ's actual play today is just 2nd fiddle because of him just being able to suit up while much more pressing things were on his mind. I guess we could use the narrative of him playing the game he loves as being his safe haven to ease the troubles on his mind. I just can't believe he played.

Kevin Kolb still sucks: I'm not the rightist guy in the world, but you don't have to look too far in the BW archives to know I hated the Kevin Kolb signing then and especially now. The Bills should have just kept T. Jackson, who had similar numbers and actually started for an entire season while gaining playoff experience. Kolb never should have been signed. He's terrible and I don't buy into the notion of "Well, he's a veteran presence". Pleeeeeeease. If EJ starts every game this year, that will be 5 less starts than what Kevin Kolb has for his career.

The guy has zero pocket awareness. All you have to do is check out Washington's first sack, as Kolb pretty much ran into the defender when all he had to do was step up in the pocket. Instead, he panicked and tried running to the outside where a defender was waiting for him. Kolb finished just 2-4 for 16 yards and almost had as many rushing yards (12) as passing. Yes, he only played two series and the injury bug bit him once again, but the guy is just not good and the thought of him stealing this job while EJ was hurt was silly to begin. Now it is nothing more than a formality for him being the 2nd QB. Also, let's stop with the stupid Jeff Tuel commentary. The guy is nothing more than a camp arm and if Kolb had been slightly average, the Bills would be sending Tuel to the Arena League by now. I say fire everyone who said they were impressed with him during training camp.

BTW… Get well EJ.

Oh, and outside of CJ..the starting offense still stinks: Yes, EJ Manuel and Scott Chandler aren't playing and Stevie is just coming back after a few weeks off, but just 1 TD by the starting offense in 3 games? That's not good. You are talking about three defenses that aren't exactly world beaters either. On top of that, these aren't even nice drives that stall after gaining a few first downs. They are 3 and outs. Like I said in my QB/WR preview, they are very young at those positions and it is going to take a lot of time and patience.

Rex Grossman and Pat White still play? This is why I don't put too much stock into the preseason. I assure, you will be chasing after your own tail no matter what kind of fan you are. You should always go by what your gut says prior to training camp or when meaningless angles get diluted by fans and media folks.


Now, you know we are going to get an earful of apologists and pessimists killing each other for the next few weeks. Some may say that the Bills didn't really show much in terms of game planning. I mean, they didn't really blitz all that much in comparison to last week against Minnesota. Maybe the Bills were happy with their play during the first two games that they decided not take the defensive playbook with them to Washington or show too much.  But…giving up 299 yards in total offense and four passing plays of 20 yards or more..IN THE FIRST HALF!? Against Rex and Pat White? I mean, yuck. Optimistic fans are now repeating the following while staring at a mirror: It is only preseason. It is only preseason. It is only preseason.

Who sucked on defense? I think you have to start with the secondary. As I've said since March, this secondary is going to be the Bills biggest weakness on defense. They were drilled unmercifully today. Their CBs played way off on the WRs and they took terrible angles against receivers in the open field. Da'Norris Searcy better be good at special teams, because that's the only way he's getting on the field or making this team. He's just lost back there and has zero ball awareness. In a way, he's the safety version of Leodis McKelvin. As for Stephon Gilmore? He's a nice player, but he's not a #1 CB yet. He played alright for a rookie, but some folks are acting like he's awesome. Maybe he's awesome in comparison to the rest of the Bills CBs, but if you think he's where he should be and teams are going to shy away from him, you are nuts. He needs to get better and he's still going to go through growing pains.

As for the front 7, I think the Bills are very susceptible when offenses run stretch plays. They use the Bills quickness from their ends against them because they over commit to the inside and just the OLBs aren't fast enough to cover sideline to sideline. Plus, they are kind of light in the weight department on the outside, which makes it easier to run on.

The good: Besides CJ Spiller averaging almost 5 yards a carry with zero help from the passing game, I was actually happy that the Bills dialed up 3 deep passes in the first half. That's three more than what they did the previous two games. Two of those throws resulted in defensive pass interference calls. Keep doing that please. I think we can give the title of training camp hero to Jerry Hughes. The guy chipped in with a sack and has like four sacks this preseason. The Bills certainly don't lack for edge pass rushers on this squad, do they?…and that's all I got for the good stuff. This game really was the shits.

Final words: I stopped watching at halftime.