City of Buffalo Common Council President and Lovejoy District Council Member Richard A. Fontana will be holding a news conference on Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 9:00 am to announce that through efforts with IntegrityRx, they have created a very powerful money saving discount drug card program for the citizens of Buffalo and Western New York. The WNY Rx card will be widely distributed throughout all eight counties of Western New York and available to everyone regardless of age, income, citizenship, or health insurance status.

The card provides an average overall savings of 47% on prescription medications; 18% average on brand name drugs, and 65% average on generic drugs. The card is free and can be used by anyone who lives, works, or is visiting Western New York, it is accepted at over 68,000 pharmacies across America (93% of America’s pharmacies) including borth large chains and small local pharmacies. The card is available now at community centers, the Buffalo City Clerk’s office, and local libraries across Western New York. Residents can also download and print a free card online at

“All too often, the rising costs of prescription drugs place a burden on Western New York households. This is particularly true for the more than 1.5 million Western New York residents who don’t have health insurance,” said Council President Fontana. “Having access to a free prescription drug card can mean the difference between being able to afford prescriptions and being forced to skip doses.”

The WNY Rx website at will serve as a one stop shop for downloading and printing the prescription discount card and other materials, accessing drug education information, comparing drug prices, and locating the nearest participating pharmacies. Catamaran Rx also operates a call center that will assist card users, physicians and pharmacists with questions about the program.

The news conference will be held in Niagara Square.

For more information regarding the upcoming news conference, please contact Council President Fontana’s Office at 851-5151.

About IntegrityRx

IntegrityRx is a division of IBSP LLC., a corporation that is represented nationally across a broad spectrum of proprietary consultative and program based platforms. IntegrityRx as a leader in the discount card market space, offers the most robust discount card platform available today. IntegrityRx is a distributive partner of CatamaranRx, who adjudicates and administers all claims/transactions for IntegrityRx.

About Catamaran Rx

Catamaran Rx, the administrator of the WNY Rx program, has a proven history in administering discount health plans, and managing the largest discount drug program available in the United States. Currently the Catamaran platform provides the deepest average and peak savings opportunities in the industry, and has saved members in excess of $2,000,000,000.00 ($2 billion) since 2006.