A series of anonymous mass mailings appeared recently that caught the attention of erie county democrats. At first glance, the most striking similarity between the mailings was there is no union bug on any of them. I always thought it was a silly little thing that no one paid attention to. As it turns out, union people pay attention to it and they weren’t too happy with the current slate of clients below.

But as these mailings started coming in to our inbox friday afternoon, something else was becoming clear. All these non union bugged mailers were coming from the same source, a US mail permit no. #1278

It started with this positively glowing Rick Zydel mailer and how he fights for ‘working families’, even though he can’t get his campaign mail printed by a union shop:

Then came this press conference with Legislators Betty Jean Grant and Tim Hogues about mailers that went out to voters in their districts that were downright dirty:

We couldn’t help but notice that the US Mail permit number matched the permit numbers from the Zydel mailer:

The permit number also matched another positive mailer for Barbara Miller Williams, although she claims to have nothing to do with it:

Former Legislature Chairwoman Barbara Miller-Williams – who was unseated by Hogues in the 2010 race and is heading for a rematch in the upcoming primary – said she, too, had no idea who sponsored the mailings.

“I haven’t done a mailing,” said Miller-Williams. “That’s an expense my campaign can’t bear right now.”


A request made under the Freedom of Information Act to the Postal Service has identified the permit holder on the mailings as the Western New York Progressive Caucus, headquartered on Doris Avenue in Lancaster.

Screen shot 2013-08-31 at 3.09.02 AM

WNY Progressive Caucus was registered last week to Kristy Mazurek, host of 2 sides on WGRZ-TV and a ‘political consultant’ very closely tied to Mayor Byron Brown (she regularly boasts this fact on WGRZ 2 sides show), Steve Casey, Cheektowaga Chairperson Frank Max and of course, the one and only Steve Pigeon.

Mazurek and Pigeon carpooled to and were sitting together at the Mayoral Debate earlier this week (prime seats on behalf of the Brown Campaign). If you remember she recently orchestrated and made an appearance at the Mayor’s Attack Conference with Bonnie Russell that blew up in their face a few weeks back?

Screen-shot-2013-07-28-at-12.23.25-PM-556x310 (1)

Dirty politics from the usual suspects. Of course, what else can you expect from this merry band of misfits. We’ll be asking WGRZ Channel 2 if they condone this type of borderline illegal activity from their show hosts.