“Dear America” – a message from the American Taliban members in the US House of Representatives

 Last month, out of nowhere came a horrendous caucaphony of “lets go to war with Syria”, but with no “boots on the ground”. Some jerk wads in that country had used some Sarin warheads – small artillery or rockets that had the very poisonous nerve agent Sarin (a cholinesterase inhibitor, as it’s not really a gas but a high boiling liquid that has to get converted into a mist to spread death and misery) – but while Sarin has been detected, the culprits of this exercise in nasty have yet to be identified, despite US Government claims to the contrary. Meanwhile, the Federal Budget is kaputz on October 2, 2013 unless some nasty and apparently cornered, possibly rabid American Talibanners in the US House of Representatives relent and let a budget pass free of their pet peeves. And even worse, on October 17, the Debt Limit gets reached, and that could make the lack of a Budget look like child’s play. And yet all this money springs forth for a war that basic market research and political polling would have told is opposed by the vast majority of the people in this country. Really? Whatever happened to majority rules?
 But, despite the near unanimity of the crew that launched the Iraq FUBAR (foreign policy “experts”, the so-called media/press, all kinds of conservative “think tank” experts, ex-Bu$h 2 officials), the American public just never bought the con, swallowed the proverbial worm on the hook, and chugged down the poison Kool-Aid. We stayed out of that war, and Russia agreed to facilitate a quarantine of the Syrian poison stockpiles. After all, it is also in Russian interests, as they have had all kinds of nasty terrorists with a Muslim tint doing things like subway sabotage. Imagine some Al Qeda types scoring some Sarin Bombs and unleashing those in a Moscow subway at rush hour…

Of course, the proposed “disciplinary action” would have gone to hell in a heartbeat, leading to all kinds of reprisals, in turn fomenting more grief and still more reprisals. The initial few millions of cruise missiles would have rapidly bloated into tens of billions spent, lots of dead people from lots of nations, and ever more billions to be squandered for our very own National Insecurity State. Yum… and still more economic activity would have been lost, would never have happened, leaving our country still poorer, especially when the nation faces a government shutdown and defaulting on its debts as the Republicans hold the country hostage for they own nefarious purposes. And if it is one thing we know, installations of renewable energy tend to cease and desist when our country gets diverted by stupid, unneeded wars, especially when the associated recession crashes the prices of energy. And then there are price spikes for oil to consider, also economy crashing events, followed by a collapse in prices.

Odds are, this potential by-product of a possible Syrian War would be looked on with great pleasure by those opposing more renewable energy installations in this country. Such a nice meshing of so many despicable things….

There’s an old saying – what if THEY gave a war and no one came to fight it. Well, maybe if just the rich people came, but then, they rarely do the actual fighting, so that would be a quick war. Or maybe the whole typing would get called off until those desperate enough to do just about anything for money can be roused/persuaded/conned into warfare. The people who tend to do most of the actual fighting and injuring/getting injured and killing/dying not to mention stuff like raping and pillaging tend to be from the lower economic realms of a society. And sometimes the war can be “contracted out” to mercs and privateers, though the big money to be made is by the employers of the mercs and “contractors”. This trend has been pushed strongly in this country for the last couple opt decades, especially in conjunction with devastating economic downturns and general increases in unemployment/decreasing middle class standards of living and actual employment opportunities. And then there is the monies to be made supplying the “tools of the trade” – what we call the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) in this country, are also legendary and humongous. Usually the poor and middle class combatants and taxpayers tend to be “on true receiving end”.

Very few of the wars the United States has conducted have been justified, especially like WW2, which is as close to a “just war” as can be had. Oftentimes the military conflicts are short-lived and “asymmetric” – a big wealthy country beating on a smaller one. Some recent examples of wars based on lies include (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_involving_the_United_States):

Iraq (2002-2013….)
Vietnam (1953-1975
Laos (part of Vietnam)
Cambodia (part of Vietnam)
Granada (1983)
Dominican Republic (1918-1924, 1965-1966)
Russia (1918-1920)
Panama (1989-1990)
Cuba/Spain (1898)
Samoa (1898-99)
Phillippines (1899-1902)
Haiti (1916-1934, numerous times)
Cuba (1962)
Mexico (1846-1848, 1914-1919)
Nicaragua, El Salvador (1912-1932)
Hawaii (1893-1898)

And then there is the war that seems to be its own version of “Breaking Bad”: Afghanistan (2011-2013…), almost starting legit and going downhill fast once all the effort that should have been put into reconstruction went to Iraq, and the former corrupt bosses started stealing everything in sight while setting up such a thriving heroin biz….

Most of the wars waged against the “Native Americans” were also unjustified, brutal and uncivilized, and resulted in the net theft of most of the land and much of the wealth now in this nation. We often used wars and “police actions” to conquer, or install puppet dictatorships so that US Corporations and wealthy owners could continue to make fortunes and the expense of those being exploited. We seem to excel in “proxy leaders” who keep the locals “under control” with little or no obvious US governmental interference. A modern example is the “kleptocracy” of Equatorial Guinea, which is a small island south of Nigeria with a lot of high grade oil currently being tapped by Exxon-Mobil and Chevron-Texaco, and where the average income is $35,000/yr and the median income is $100/yr (a few people keep most of the oil royalties, and most of the population lives in abject poverty). Ah yes, this is one of the wellsprings of the hatred of the US by most of the people in the world, even though most people in this country have never even heard of that corrupt petro-state, nor have anything to do with it….. Sometimes we merely had to pay off some locals to do the dirty work, like in Chile (1973), Greece (1967) and Iran (1953). And we are still paying for the blowback of Iran, which was really done so the the precursor to British Petroleum (at the time, called the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company) could get its monopoly of those huge oil fields/refineries back after decades of treating its employs like slaves. Yes, that BP, whose greed in offshore drilling over a mere 2 billion barrels of crude oil  and gas equivalent (worth close to $200 billion in profits) was trashed in a lust to save less than $2 million by cutting corners on offshore rig rental. So, no Iranian coup d’etat in 1953 might have meant no BP Corporation in 2011…. Oh well, so much for “what if?”

Of course, there was WW1 (why were we involved?) and the Civil War (to end slavery, in effect). Both conflicts were epic in barbarity, where technology drastically increased the ability to do carnage and use of the word “mass” as an adjective in front of “casualties” was an understatement – the phrase “cannon fodder” comes to mind…. The U.S. has been and apparently still is anything but a peace loving nation as viewed from a historical perspective. After all, we are the only ones to ever nuke a pair of inhabited cities, though on the plus side, at least we don’t endorse and practice  AIDS rape of targeted civilians as a means of conducting a conflict like is the norm in the Congo these days…

So, we can thank our lucky stars, and perhaps Russia’s leader, who did not relish the idea of a bunch of Sarin armaments on the loose, on the Black Market, finding their way to Chechnya. Now if we could only harness that formidable PR army that made this turkey of a war look more like an attractive pig with an alluring shade of lipstick classically applied for something useful. Like a campaign to employ a half million people within a year mass producing wind turbines suitable for much of the low to moderate wind regions of our country, where most our the people living in this country reside. And the other half a million could be used to make and install fast wind turbines, either on the Great Plains, on the Great Lakes or along the Atlantic Ocean coastline. Instead of going bad, let’s try something decent for a change. After all, we’ve only a big chunk of our unemployment to lose….

There, isn’t this a nicer picture of what could be, in preference to a war that those pushing for it will never fight….

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