This one actually took about 48 hours, but that’s only because Monday was a holiday.

So why is an incumbent Mayor, with a $1 million campaign fund following his opponent around attempting damage control?

Over the weekend, Mayor Brown’s challenger Bernie Tolbert released a video talking to concerned neighbors around Massachusetts Ave. about the lack of police response to continuing issues in the neighborhood following the city’s latest homicide.

The video (see above) was highly critical of the administration for dropping the ball on quality of life issues with west side residents and talked directly about re-building trust between residents and the police department. specifically how people do not feel safe coming forward about sensitive information.

So yesterday, 48 hours after the latest embarrassment hit the internet, the Mayor showed up at the same street corner handing out flyers to residents in the area:



For an incumbent Mayor about to comfortably slide into his 3rd term as Mayor, all this damage control seems a bit excessive.