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There is a widespread epidemic of money laundering, collusion and fraud surrounding this years election and it’s all coming unraveled.

The Mayor of Niagara Falls Paul Dyster connected some of the dots from the Niagara Falls portion of the scandal directly back to Kristy Mazurek, a WGRZ – Channel 2, Buffalo employee and self proclaimed paid political consultant to Mayor Byron W. Brown, Erie County Legislator candidates Rick Zydel, Wes Moore, Barbara Miller-Williams among a few others, who has been illegally supporting all of them through a “PAC” called the WNY Progressive Caucus (exposed last week here on WNYmedia) and a previously convicted felon Louis Turchiarelli of West Seneca.

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If that name sounds familiar, it may be because his father Donald (also an owner of Gia Consulting) was the recipient of the famous “bags of cash” that provoked an investigation into the 2007 Erie County Executive campaign of Paul Clark.

The Turchiarelli’s are the “landlord” of a PAC called the “Real Conservatives” owned by Erie County Conservative Chairman Ralph Lorigo, who coincidentally just slammed Sergio R. Rodriguez in a dirty negative mailer because Sergio is trying to beat Byron Brown on the conservative line where Brown doesn’t belong in the first place (thanks fusion voting).
Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 1.20.13 AMThe one thing all these people and PAC’s have in common is one main money source, Mr. Steve Pigeon.

The long string on the ‘conspiracy sweater’ is finally being pulled and it’s quickly starting to unravel.

Where is your Moreland commission Governor Andrew Cuomo???

Oh that’s right… Nowhere.

Is it because one of your Moreland Commissioners is Erie County DA Frank A. Sedita, III who has already tried to punt the Buffalo PBA controversy to the curb (see below) over Steve Casey’s HATCH ACT and Board of Elections violations involving that ridiculous “progress” commercial that’s already sucessfully been torn to pieces by the Tolbert campaign:

PBA Asks Sedita to Act in Brown Violation by wnymedia

But the Board of Elections last week punted back to the district attorney, specifically through the case being heard before the PBA, Mascia vs. Perry (keep reading):

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Erie County DA Sedita also is in hot water over his own campaign finance scandal due to his less than stellar fund raising practices and whose previously history with Steve Pigeon and Byron Brown was exposed through a The Buffalo News article when a whistleblower assigned to investigating Mr. Pigeon was fired by Mr. Sedita.

Remember this:

“The lawsuit stemmed from Sacha’s firing in 2009 and raised questions about political dealings involving Sedita and Pigeon, as well as Frank J. Clark, Sedita’s predecessor as district attorney.

In his suit, Sacha claimed that while he was investigating Pigeon, the political operative helped orchestrate a series of endorsements that allowed Sedita to win election as district attorney.

Sacha has claimed from Day One that Pigeon’s political and personal relationship with Sedita and Clark is why they passed on prosecuting Pigeon on charges of election law violations.

“As we said from the beginning, the claims were meritless,” Adam W. Perry, Sedita’s defense lawyer, said Monday.”

Meritless” to the tune of $290,000

Adam Perry? Partner of the law firm Hodgson Russ who has received more than millions of dollars and counting from Mayor Byron Brown, the BMHA and Buffalo City Hall who have their own lawyers but still feel the need to utilize Mr. Perry’s law firm in gross excess.

Perry also happens to be the treasurer a “non-profit” or maybe a PAC, but it can’t be both (see photos and links below) called “Mayor Brown’s Fund to Advance Buffalo” (a story of its own) and is also on the Board of Directors at the NFTA, who just sold parts of Buffalo’s waterfront to the Governor for $2 and just in time for Governor Cuomo to ride into town to endorse “conservative” Byron Brown.

Is it a Non-profit?

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Or a Political organization?

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And this all just happens to be one big coincidence?

This is just the tip of the iceberg folks. We haven’t even mentioned Adam Perry’s connection to Grassroots, his potential conflict of interest as the lead attorney for the BMHA, including his personal vendetta against BMHA Commissioner Joe Mascia over an election that occurred last year (see Ustream video of Board of elections meeting above)

Unfortunately, none of this will be rectified anytime soon. Especially before Tuesday’s primary.

The only way top stop this is to use your head and vote for the right people on Tuesday!!!