The Fall edition of the award-winning “Eat Well Live Well Challenge,” an employee wellness program promoted by the nonprofit Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo, is about to end its Fall campaign. The Institute is inviting all Western New York employers and organizations to help promote healthier lifestyles by attending the final Training Session.

The result-focused Eat Well Live Well Program, provided by Wegmans Markets, challenges participants to increase their physical activity and make good nutrition choices. Together, these actions enable individuals to improve their health and lower their risk of unnecessary medical costs from chronic illnesses.

“Participants are asked to do three simple things for eight weeks,” said Wellness Institute Executive Director Philip Haberstro “All employees have to do is use a pedometer to record their steps each day, record the number of cups of fruit and vegetables eaten each day, and aim to make at least one meal a day follow the health-promoting ‘half-plate guide.” Participants may also track their blood pressure and weight if they so choose.

Mr. Haberstro noted that The Eat Well Live Challenge is a proven health promotion program that requires a minimal amount of time and investment for a powerful return. “Participants need only walking shoes, pedometers, and the desire to be healthy! It’s a very simple, confidential, and productive way to engage employees and family members to lead healthier lifestyles. Employers from all sectors will discover the programs benefits such as greater teamwork, increased camaraderie, and an effective way to manage health costs.” The Challenge website is free for employers, employees, and community organizations to assist in participants achieving their wellness goals.

A training session is required for first time participants. Two representatives from each employer or organization may attend, as space is limited. The final training session will take place on October 2nd from 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at the Wegmans Market located on 5275 Sheridan Drive, Williamsville, NY 14221. Advance registration is required by calling 716-851-4052 or by emailing [email protected]

For more information on the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo please visit or call 716-851-4052.