Erie County Democratic Chairman Jeremy J. Zellner today condemned the WNY Progressive Caucus for a clear violation of New York State Election Law.  The violations stem from the group raising tens of thousands of dollars without reporting it, and only under intense public and media pressure did the group finally file their disclosure.  The group also failed to adhere to the maximum contribution limits for individuals set by New York State Election Law. Chairman Zellner expressed his concern:

“There is a lot of illegal money shifting around the opponents’ campaigns against our endorsed and supported candidates from the likes of former disgraced Chairman Steve Pigeon.
“It reminds me of the reason I ran for Chairman to begin with, and these are exactly the types of violations that Governor Cuomo has been battling with the establishment of the Moreland Commission.
“I will always stand up to those who want to drag our party down and create division. I will not back down from this small group of people who continue to skirt election law, support Republicans, and tear down what too many hard working members of our Democratic Party have built for years.”

After resisting filing financial disclosure reports and evading State Election Law, it was revealed that a significant portion of the money contributed to the WNY Progressive Caucus, a Political Action Committee, came from Steven Pigeon totaling $20,000.  Zellner continued:
“For any candidates to associate themselves with the likes of Steve Pigeon is outrageous, especially after Pigeon helped the Republicans seize control of the Erie County Legislature in 2009 and the State Senate in 2010 throwing New York State government into chaos.”