Let’s clear the air on a few things. First, Joyce Wilson-Nixon and I have been friends for over 20 years. My daughter adores her and it is no secret Joyce and I love each other dearly. Unfortunately, her husband has either forgotten that or simply didn’t care. If there is one thing everyone knows about Joyce Wilson-Nixon – it’s that she is not short on words. Joyce has never had a problem speaking for herself. Hence, it baffles me why she would allow her husband, Jeff Nixon, to act as her mouth piece throughout her campaign? He has done a terrible job at it. He’s so mixed up he doesn’t even know that Betty Jean Grant is Joyce’s opponent – not me. His inadequate attempts to disparage me, regarding my departure from City Hall have only reminded the public of an ugly scar on Byron Brown’s mayoral record. In a year when Byron has to defend his seat against a qualified opponent in the upcoming September primary, he doesn’t need anyone raising the issue of his unfair firing of Karla Thomas. That is one decision of his that left a bad taste in the mouth of more voters than Mayor Brown would like to admit.
Second, yes, I am the Legislative Assistant of 2nd District Legislator Betty Jean Grant and proud of it! I am paid an honest annual salary of $35,000 for an honest day’s work. Unlike my job at City Hall for which I was paid $91,000, I am not asked to do anything mean, deceptive or political and am not required to make campaign contributions. Even though I make less money, the absence of these things from my workday, make the difference in my pay seem miniscule compared to the satisfaction I get from helping people every day. Jeff Nixon’s attempts to distract voters from the fact that Joyce’s voice is not being heard by attacking my integrity as Coordinator of the We Are Women Warriors debate were unwarranted. Just because I work for an elected official doesn’t mean I would diminish my integrity for a job. I didn’t do it for $91,000 so why would I do it now?
Finally, for whatever reason, Joyce Wilson-Nixon has decided to run for 2nd District Legislator, the seat currently held by Betty Jean Grant. That’s her right to run. However, no one knows the reason because Joyce keeps letting her husband speak for her. Unfortunately every time Jeff opens his mouth, he puts his foot in it. Joyce Nixon is an intelligent woman. People love Joyce for what she does and they love Betty Jean Grant for what she does. I don’t believe she would ever stoop to the poisonous lies and garbage Jeff keeps spewing like a volcano. Jeff, if you really want to help your wife, sit down and as my grandmother used to say – “hush, you’re making too much unnecessary noise”.
Karla L. Thomas