Erie County Democratic Committee Chairman Jeremy J. Zellner today called on Democratic New York State Senator Timothy Kennedy to pull his money out of an illegal Political Action Committee called the WNY Progressive Caucus.  The WNY Progressive Caucus’ largest contributor is Steve Pigeon, who Kennedy aligned with in 2009 to give control of the Erie County Legislature to Republicans.  Pigeon is also synonymous with helping to turn over control of the New York State Senate to Republicans in 2010 throwing state government into chaos.

Zellner’s call for Kennedy to return the money comes after Erie County Legislature Chairwoman Betty Jean Grant and Legislator Timothy R. Hogues filed a formal complaint with the Moreland Commission concerning the unlawful practices of this PAC, and after the public learned that Friends of Tim Kennedy has poured $45,000 into the PAC.  This week the public also learned that the PAC is involved in trying to halt the development of a hotel in the City of Niagara Falls.

“Tim Kennedy should pull his money out of this illegal PAC immediately because they are raising and spending money without properly reporting, and they have exceeded the contribution limits allowed by law,” said Zellner. “For Tim Kennedy to associate himself with Steve Pigeon who has a history of violating Election Law is troubling and Senator Kennedy’s constituents deserve better.  I’m sure the people of Niagara Falls would like to know why one of our region’s senators is complicit in stopping a development project in their downtown core.”

In recent days, the public has learned about the illegal practices of this group and many organizations have denounced their actions and cut ties with the individuals involved, including WGRZ, who cancelled “Two Sides,” a show hosted by the treasurer of this PAC.