Last night the mayor turned down a challenge from Sergio Rodriguez for a one-on-one debate to talk about each of the candidate’s platforms in an open forum.
Sergio issued the following response.
“It is irresponsible for the mayor to deny the people of Buffalo an opportunity to hear about what each candidate plans on doing to address the issues that matter most to the residents of Buffalo.
“Considering that Buffalo is currently facing challenges of epidemic proportions in the areas of education, crime, unemployment, poverty and population decline; the mayor should jump at the opportunity to present the people with his ideas to reform Buffalo.
“Over the next few weeks I will invite the public and the mayor to have a series of discussions in a town hall style setting. The people of Buffalo will have an opportunity to have their issues heard and hear from the candidates about what they intend to do to address them going forward.
“A 30-second TV spot removed from any scrutiny or challenge is not the way to get your message across. The people of Buffalo deserve better. They deserve to hear from each candidate and their respective platforms, and then make an informed decision.  Let’s debate.”