According to Byron Brown, they don’t need to “go out of their way” to ask city employees to donate to his campaign.

He just needs to send city employees a friendly ‘reminder’ in the mail, complete with a payment schedule.

After all, for a measly $500 a year , you wouldn’t want to miss out on that free admission ticket to the Summer picnic and annual Christmas party would you?

Oh yea… the important part. You also might keep your job for another year!

That is until a Masiello wants to replace you: .

But Byron Brown expects us to believe that ‘no one in his office tracks this sort of thing’ according to this 2012 deposition of the Mayor involving yet another pay to play allegation made by a city employee against his administrations hiring practices compared to those before him:

Drew: “Do you have an expectation that employees in the Mayor’s Office will contribute to your election campaigns?”

Brown: “I do not. Some do, some don’t.”

Drew: “Who doesn’t?”

Brown: “I would say many people don’t.”

Drew: “In the Mayor’s Office, specifically, who do you know who did not contribute to your campaign?”

Brown: “I don’t know. I don’t track it. I don’t personally check it.”

Drew: “Who does that? Casey?”

Brown: “I don’t know.”

Drew: “Would Ms. Maglietto-Smith [like Floriano, a special assistant to the mayor] track who in the Mayor’s Office contributed or didn’t contribute to your election campaign?”

Brown: “I don’t believe anyone tracks that.”

Remember this: Floriano was treasurer for Mayor Brown’s Leadership Council, a campaign fund. Casey is Brown’s chief political advisor. Both worked in the Mayor’s Office. But the mayor claims no one in his office tracks campaign contributions?

So why a payment schedule if no one is ‘keeping track’?

And how does one get to claim their free ticket to the annual Christmas bash if no one in the office is keeping track ?

Lying under oath is usually a crime, but when the guy who is supposed to prosecute crime  pretty much follows the same practice as the Mayor, we should probably accept that pay to play is pretty much a common practice around here in WNY.  Unless we finally stood up and actually did something about it… like… oh…I don’t know…. vote??!!!

Damn, that reminds me. That last payment was due yesterday.