In today’s Buffalo News the mayor was quoted saying, “We feel that for the first time since 1950, we will see population growth in the City of Buffalo in 2020.”
Buffalo mayoral candidate Sergio Rodriguez took issue with the current mayor’s lack of vision for a growing city. 
“Who has time to wait another eight years under the current administration before we start to see growth in the city?
“Since the mayor got elected in 2005, the City of Buffalo has lost over 20,000 residents. 

“We can’t afford to lose another 20,000 residents before we hit rock bottom and begin seeing population growth in the city

“It’s 2013. There is absolutely no reason for us to continue losing people decades after Bethlehem and Republic steel shut down. 
“The reason why people are leaving the city and settling in the suburbs is because of the abysmal education system and the crime wave the city has been undergoing while under the helm of this administration.
“These two issues need to be addressed by the administration immediately if we are ever going to turn around our population loss. So long as the mayor continues to have a lack of vision for a growing Buffalo, our city will not see ‘progress’ in its population for the foreseeable future.”