In 2005,  WNYmedia was pushed into Erie County politics with this now infamous blog post simply questioning Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard and his political fundraiser held by Delacy Ford who, at the time was up for a big county contract for new police vehicles.

WNYmedia was dead on and despite being warned not to purchase the vehicles, Sheriff Howard found a way to repay Delacy Ford and get those crown vic’s in 2006 but not without some controversy:

DeLacy Ford of Elma to sell 10 Ford Crown Victorias as patrol cars to the Erie County Sheriff’s Department.

DeLacy offered $23,549 a vehicle while the next lowest bidder, McCarthy Ford of Elma, offered $23,784, said county Purchasing Director Joseph Gervase.

A third bidder, Van Bortel Ford of Victor, offered $35,000 a car, Gervase said.

The sheriff’s department had been urged to start buying Chevrolet Impalas to conform with Erie County’s four-year recovery plan, but the department set aside that suggestion in recent weeks.

Sheriff Howard, his PR Floozy Mary Murray and a host of other Republican operatives at the time tried everything in their power to squash this story and WNYmedia. They used tactics you never want to see coming from a law enforcement officer. Bullying, intimidation, harassment of our friends and family. My favorite strong armed law enforcement tactic included harassing phone calls from a wealthy well known political supporter to me, my then employer (channel 2), my ex wife and her then employer (WB49 – Remember them??).

I guess they thought all their efforts would somehow make us go away. Obviously that never happened and here we are 8 years later talking about the same crap about the most incompetent Sheriff’s office since Boss Hogg and Roscoe P Coltrane.

Since voter apathy has managed to keep this incompetent boob in office for the past 8 years, the Howard campaign staff has managed to widen his political pay to play net to the tune of over 105,000 in political donations over the last 8 years from people with direct ties to the Sheriff’s Department.

Here’s just a short list of companies and individuals getting lucrative contracts through the Erie County Sheriff’s Office  and the kickback’s received from your top county ‘law enforcement officer’. These contracts total over $105,583.00 directly to Sheriff Howard and his reelection campaign.

Tim Howard’s Pay to Play System:

  • Black Creek Systems provided the jail system with time scanners and software. Located in Irondale, Alabama and donated $1,250.00
  • Buffalo Office Interiors, provided new furniture to the administrative services. Located in Buffalo and donated $1,100.00
  • Collision Por, AKA Joe Chirento, owns a collision and towing ooperation in Buffalo and donated $2,700.00
  • Correctional Medical Care, provides the jail with drop ship meds and supplies. Located in Blue Bell Pennsylvania and dontated $1,250.00
  • Donald Denz AKA Aurora cares, Tama Cares . Provides medical software and management to the Jail. Located in Orchard Park, NY and donated $20,000
  • Frey Electric. Provided many contracted Electrical jobs at the jail. Located in Buffalo NY and donated $16,000.00
  • Keefe Commissary Network. New Provider of the inmate Commisssary system at the Jail. Located in St. Louis Missouri and donated $1850.00
  • M & M U Pull IT aka Marks Auto 2060 Auto. Provides towing and car disposal services. Located in Buffalo NY and donated $16,450.00
  • Pay-Tel AKA PPM  New provider for the inmate telephone system at the Jail.. Located in Buffalo NY and donated $4,278.00 (local representative is Michael Benson who is the former ESCO superintendent and the contributor)
  • Patrick Penfold AKA Penfold Motors and Towing. Located in Holland NY and donated $3,350.00
  • Phillips Lytle Law Firm provided legal service for the DOJ lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Department and made a huge chunk of change for that service. They donated $18,000
  • Zoladz Trucking and towing Located in Alden NY and donated $5,355.00
  • Capital Management Services AKA Custom -Tel provides networking services for the Department. Located in Buffalo NY and donated $14,000