The Riverside Branch Library, 820 Tonawanda Street in Buffalo, will receive new equipment and furniture to help the site facilitate voting and serve the public daily through the efforts of the Erie County Board of Elections and County Legislator Lynn M. Marinelli (D-Buffalo, Tonawanda).

The Riverside Branch Library recently received new tables, chairs and equipment to allow people to line up to register and vote more easily through $4,438 in Help Americans Vote Act (HAVA) funds obtained by the Board of Elections, according to BOE officials. The furniture will also be used in daily community activities by library patrons.

“Since the library is a public building and able to be used for voting, I am pleased we were able to access HAVA funding to update furniture and equipment for year-round use,” Legislator Marinelli said. “The area in the Riverside Library, where the voting takes place, is narrow. This helps with accessibility, particularly those in wheelchairs. By coordinating county and federal efforts to forward voting efforts we also allow patrons to get new furnishings.”