The voters in Cheektowaga heard the message of fiscal stability, improved services and a commitment to continued economic growth that the Cheektowaga Democratic Team ran on and they responded with a resounding Democratic victory. Unlike many other areas in Erie County, the Cheektowaga Democrats were victorious. Here in Cheektowaga, we endeavor to seek out the best candidates for the job — in this instance Town Board — and just work tirelessly to ensure that their message get out and they are elected. There is no room in Cheektowaga for vendetta politics. We work together for the betterment of the residents to ensure that Cheektowaga remains a great place to live, work and raise a family.

After a hard fought primary election by all the democratic candidates, the endorsed democratic team emerged united and focused on their collective goal of victory in November. Jim Rogowski, Diane Benczkowski and Tim Meyers never stopped working first throughout the primary and general election. Their efforts were rewarded with well-deserved victory for all three. In addition to three knowledgeable, hard-working candidates, our grassroots efforts were second to none – whether it was the 30-40 individuals manning the phones, the committeemen distributing literature and/or canvassing – everyone in the Democratic Party was focused on one thing – Victory for Democrats in November. I can assure everyone that the Democratic Party in Cheektowaga remains intact as the largest stronghold for the Democratic Party in Erie County. We know how to win.

I welcome all Democrats throughout Erie County to join our Cheektowaga Democratic family.