Ed Cox’s desperate year-long push to identify high profile challengers to the Democratic Party’s strong slate of statewide elected officials has come up empty – prompting Cox to sell out the NY GOP to the Tea Party. Today, Cox brought his NY Tea Party tour to Buffalo to formally surrender the NY GOP to the most extreme elements of national Tea Party Republicans.

Cox’s last ditch effort to cling to his chairmanship is straight out of the playbook of his father-in-law, Richard Nixon. Today, the NYSDC launched a new website to call attention to the Ed Cox Tea Party Takeover.

“As we head into an election year, Ed Cox and the New York GOP are beholden to the most extreme elements of the national Tea Party,” said NYSDC Executive Director Rodney Capel. “New Yorkers will have a clear choice in 2014: continue the progress we’ve made over the past three years or surrender to the same group of extremists that stalled common sense legislation like the Women’s Equality Act. To the Tea Party Republicans and their co-conspirators in the Senate, we have a simple message: your time is up and it’s time for you to go.”

Cox Creates “Murky Ethical Area”: In previewing today’s speech before the Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York, Cox has attempted to exploit the issue of hydraulic fracturing for political gain. What Cox fails to highlight is his vast personal stake in the industry. The Associated Press reports that good government groups believe Cox’s stake “creates a murky ethical area.” NYPIRG’s Blair Horner said, “It’s sort of a trifecta of murkiness. The personal, the professional and the political all coming together in one person.” [Associated Press, 11/6/2013]

“Recent reports have made it clear: Ed Cox has become New York’s Dick Cheney,” said NYSDC Co-Chair Keith Wright. “It is shocking that Mr. Cox is advocating for a state republican policy agenda that would also spell potential profits for the company he sits on the board of. Either Mr. Cox must step down from his position on Noble Energy or Noble must declare that they won’t do business in New York State, ever.”

Here are 10 reasons why Ed Cox and his Tea Party GOP must go:

New York is the progressive capital of the nation, not the home of the Tea Party.
2. Ed Cox would put dangerous assault weapons back in the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.
3. Tea Party Republicans and their co-conspirators blocked the Women’s Equality Act.
4. Ed Cox and his extremist agenda will put corporate welfare before hard-working New Yorkers.
5. New York is no place for the Richard Nixon playbook.
6. Extremist Republicans blocked common sense public financing of campaigns.
7. Ed Cox and his Tea Party loyalists support hydro-fracking out of personal financial gain.
8. Ed Cox and his extremist allies want to deny a woman’s right to choose.
9. Tea Party Republicans in NY think cops, teachers and firefighters are asking for handouts.
10. Extremist Republicans think “equality” is a four-letter word.