$22.9 million plan supports $6 million in citywide Infrastructure Improvements, $3.2 million for demolitions, $1.2 million for City-wide parks improvements; $1.2 million for Arts and Cultural activities including an increase to $650,000 for the Buffalo Zoo’s Polar Bear Exhibit; $535,000 for improvements to Kenmore Avenue; $500,000 for Coca-Cola Field; as well as funding for community centers and libraries

Mayor Byron Brown today unveiled highlights of his recommended 2014 Capital Budget. The $22.9 million recommended spending plan includes funding for citywide infrastructure replacement, demolitions, major streetscape improvements, improvements to parks and playgrounds, increased funding for the Buffalo Zoo Polar Bear Exhibit as well as funding for Coca-Cola Field and city libraries.

“My recommended Capital Budget contains a wide variety of capital improvement projects, including $1.2 million for City-wide parks improvements, including historic Broderick Park, LaSalle Park and Olmsted Parks with an additional $500,000 in funding for the MLK Park Casino,” said Mayor Brown.  “I have also recommended $6 million in City-wide Infrastructure Improvements with an additional $535,000 allocated for streetscape improvements to Kenmore Avenue, $3.2 million for demolitions, and an increase in funding to $650,000 for the Buffalo Zoo’s Polar Bear exhibit.”

Mandated by the City Charter to be submitted by the Mayor on or before November 1st, the Common Council has until December 15th to adopt the recommended capital budget.

“In recommending individual expenditures, my administration has thoroughly reviewed the recommendations of the Citizens Planning Council (CPC), which evaluated more than $117 million in requests for capital spending,” stated Mayor Brown.  “As evidenced by the attached budget, I have adhered closely to the recommendations of the Citizens Planning Council.  I’m confident, if the Common Council accepts these recommendations, that these capital investments will enhance and strengthen our city neighborhoods and residents for years to come.”