In partnership with the Town of Amherst’s three school districts (Amherst, Sweet Home and Williamsville), the Amherst Police Department is pleased to announce the formation of a new School Liaison Officer (SLO) Program.

The goals of the SLO program are to assist school officials in the prevention of negative incidents within the schools, provide valuable resources to school staff and students, foster positive relationships with the Town’s youth, and work collaboratively to develop proactive approaches to address challenges affecting students.The program calls for a team of two or three officers to be assigned to every school building in the Town of Amherst.

A member or members from this trained team of officers will visit their assigned schools on a regular basis and be a visible presence in the schools, available to assist students or staff members, as needed. While on location, the School Liaison Officer will meet with administrative staff to discuss any concerns and assist in safety planning specific to the particular school.

The School Liaison Officer will also work closely with the Town of Amherst Safety Education Officer to develop and conduct classes to educate the school community, including students, about important issues affecting youth in our society.

For more information on the School Liaison Officer (SLO) Program, please contact the Amherst Police Department’s Safety Education Officer, Jeffrey Gilbert at (716) 689-1387, Amherst Central School’s Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Laura Chabe at (716) 362-3050, Sweet Home Central School’s Superintendent of Schools, Anthony Day at (716) 250-1402 or Williamsville Central School’s Assistant Superintendent for Exceptional Education and Student Services, Anna Cieri at (716) 626-8061,