Buffalo, NY – As Buffalo rolls out the red carpet for college basketball fans this week, Mayor Byron W. Brown is doing what he can to ensure that the thousands of visitors from across the country, who are in Buffalo for the NCAA tournament, have the best experience possible.

After meeting with the local organizers of the NCAA tournament, as well as Visit Buffalo Niagara Executive Director Patrick Kaler, Mayor Brown made a written request to Buffalo Place asking that the city of Buffalo’s food trucks be permitted to operate in the immediate vicinity of the Arena in order to give visitors a greater choice of dining experiences. He also asked that the special permits be conditioned upon compliance with the “100 foot rule” contained in City Code Section 316-52(C).

“Buffalo is pulling out all the stops to ensure fans have the best experience possible in Buffalo,” said Mayor Brown, noting the importance of this event that is expected to inject over $5 million into the local economy. “Our food trucks add to the great Buffalo flavor that people have come to know in our city and we believe they will add to the positive experiences of our out-of-town visitors.”

City ordinance prohibits the operation of food trucks in the Special Downtown District.  Section 316-46 of the City Code gives Buffalo Place the authority to grant temporary permits for such operations upon application.