by Pat Freeman

Each year during the lead up to the free agency signing period the popular media embrace the fallacy of the Bills are in a small market, and do not generate the revenue of other larger markets in the NFL. Now that statement does have some truth when it comes to team value which Forbes ranks the Buffalo Bills as the 30th. franchise in the league in value at $870 million dollars, but the truth is the Bills value increased in 2013 by 8%. Yes the poor market Bills where they can only charge so much for ticket prices. Value has increased from $805 million in 2012, $845 million in 2013, and now $870 million in 2014. Though the Bills value as a team as a whole is only 30 out of the 32 teams, it is not number 30 in revenue. This is why the citizens of Western New York need to start studying before your elected leadership keeps feeding into spending tax dollars on our professional football team without any return on your investment.

Buffalo Bills in 2013 ranked 22 out of 32 teams in generated revenue. Yes your buffalo Bills ranked higher than all the following cities!

22. Buffalo Bills- $256 million
23. San Francisco 49ers- 255 million
24. Arizona Cardinals- $253 Million
25. Atlanta Falcons- $252 million
26. Cincinnati Bengals- $250 million
26. San Diego Chargers- $250 million
27. Detroit Lions- $248 million
28. Kansas City Chiefs- $245 million
29. St Louis Rams- $239 million
30. Minnesota Vikings- $234 million
31. Oakland Raiders- $229 million

What do all these cities have in common with one another? Each city has had an issue with a new stadium in the last 15 years. Only Buffalo , San Diego , and St Louis have failed to solve these ongoing problems which could result in their franchises being relocated. The lease holder of the Buffalo Bills Erie County is the only government authority of this group that has taken more than $95 million dollars of tax payer money to band aid a crumbling facility whose shelf life has far exceeded its prime. Maybe that is why Mr. Poloncarz continues to ignore the overwhelming desire of its citizens to support the new stadium complex proposal by HKS inc. of Dallas Texas . This proposal would transform the economic landscape of our region forever.

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