by Pat Freeman

The recent proposal submitted to the NFTA’s Board of Commissioners and Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. from the Greater Buffalo Sport’s and Entertainment Complex offers our leadership an opportunity to mature and broker a compromise that benefits both parties interests in this on going power struggle over the outer harbor parcel. Before we help to negotiate this issue let’s review some key facts of each argument for the use of this particular property.

Total Acres- of the Outer Harbor site- 384 Acres

GBSEC- Requested Land Option Space- 150 Acres

So here is the solution leaders, media, and board members.

Grant the GBSEC a land option on 150 Acres that will suit their project and the rest of the 234 acres would go to the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. for Public access.

Question- Why aren’t our elected officials standing up to broker this compromise for the betterment of the western New York region? Something is not right for this type of easy brokered compromise from not being front and center.

This has been the history of western New York for over fifty years that we make the easiest of circumstances for our benefit into a complete mess. The stakes are too high to allow this type of private investment to continue down the road of frustration that so many have experienced for so many years. We elect representatives to formulate public policy not appointed boards. When these appointed entities conflict with the will of the people, and begin implementing personal policy there should be outrage from every neighborhood deploring true conflict of interest.

This is a warning to the obstructionist cabal that has continued to operate in western New York under the disguise of having the best interest of the citizens in your decisions, when in actuality your choices are based on what benefits you, and those that have entered into an unholy alliance without consideration of the destitute, hungry and poor of this region who just need an opportunity to support themselves. These policies will no longer be tolerated in this region without a challenge from its citizens. The majority of the people of western New York support the proposal put forth by the GBSEC; along with the expertise of HKS this is a great opportunity to change its economic landscape.

In closing it’s time to make a demand on our leadership not to allow the wealthy to dictate economic policy that goes against the interest of the majority of its citizens.


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