People have often dreamt about making Buffalo  a “Bon Jovi Free Zone”.  Well, dreams do come true, even if it is 25 years later!

A group of die hard Buffalo Bills fans are distributing free “Bon Jovi Free Zone” posters to local bars and restaurants that pledge to play no more music by the rock star who has threatened to buy the Bills and move them to Toronto.

“We’ve had it with Jon Bon Jovi and his Toronto ownership group working to steal our team,” co-founder Charles Sonntag said. “There are thousands of fans that agree with us, so we decided to start the “Bon Jovi Free Zone” promotion to let him and the poachers in Toronto know that we won’t just stand by and let them move the Bills to Toronto. We’re asking Buffalo area bars and restaurants to contact us and we’ll give them a free poster to show their commitment to banning Bon Jovi music from their premises.”

The group, founded by Sonntag and Charles Pellien, Paul Roorda and Anthony Lynch, hosts a petition on their Web site where thousands of fans have pledged their support for keeping the Bills in Buffalo – and promised to never buy a ticket to see the Bills in Canada. With today’s announcement that the owners of the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants back Bon Jovi for ownership, the Web site and social media accounts have exploded.

“Our group has been convinced for weeks that the Toronto fix is in with the NFL owners. Today’s announcement by owners Jerry Jones and John Mara proves that Bon Jovi has been quietly lobbying them for years to take away our team,” Sontagg said. “The sooner fans understand the conspiracy to buy and move our team, the sooner fans can all stand up and maybe stop it.”

According to news reports, the Toronto ownership group is factoring in significant attendance by US fans of the Bills. The members of are working to organize all local fans under one umbrella to prove this assumption is dead wrong: jilted Bills fans won’t cross into Canada for games. With signatures gathering at a fast pace on their petition, and hundreds of bars and restaurants spreading the word, the group hopes to influence the Wilson family and the secretive NFL owner approval process.

“Not one ticket – count us out!” is the group’s simple message.